With the modern day bio-warfare being disguised as some sort of a virus, it had created societal insanity, forcing the population to really consider their own mortality. A destiny shared eventually by the whole population, with  no control over when or how, until now . . . 

While most of the population believed the current situation and recognized the crisis,  there was a growing resistance that questioned what was really going on. What didn’t get reported or what had been censored, fueled an intense suspicion of deception, further strengthened by those who had become disillusioned with the propaganda of speeches and ratings. Conflicting views, reports and numbers provided further proof that underlying factors were at  play as society was left to sort out what made sense and what did not. They were piecing together bits of information in order to form some sense of reality in a world that seemed to be losing its perspective.

The presence of drones had also not been explained, what were the real capabilities of the tech-robot like machines flying around. Some speculated that the mission of the drones perhaps was to launch the mutation into the air so there would be no one safe, unaware that even breathing the tainted air would cause certain death. Maybe not right away though, in order to avoid suspicion . . .  The invisible fine mist some would accuse, had been concocted in a foreign laboratory. Its strength to be increased as needed for population control and ultimately for world domination. Even if it meant losing some of their own people to the fatal madness, would still be considered a victory. 

This  type of crisis had occurred before during the past one hundred years or so, several times in fact and with devastating consequences. But without the deception and political agenda that had blurred the line between actuality and absurdity. Still, each milestone was saved into recorded history as the lives that were left to carry on had moved  into an uncertain future filled with a mix of human emotions and beliefs. Doom, grief, hope and faith became intensified  together once all direction had been lost along the way. Each new dawn brought with it a renewed sense of an uncertain survival. Some had fared better than others as their true soul strength would be tested in the obscure eventide of a bizarre reality.

End ~


#faith #deception #reality #biowarfare #dailywrites #shortstories #kentxsandersxwriter

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