“Duffel Bag”

Gazing out from his coach window, the historic train makes its way along through the mountain area. The views are spectacular and as he finishes breakfast he is reminded of the decision that he must make soon as he feels the duffel bag next to him with the shoulder straps still over his shoulder, a padlock chain from the duffel bag wrapped around his waist. He is also reminded of the time as he sees the two men who have been following him, still seated with their breakfast at  the back of the train car. They have tried not to be noticed, but through a small mirror placed just ahead near the gentleman’s room he can see them behind him. The mirror was used years ago  by clerks to watch the people aboard behind them. It was also used by the soldiers and travelers to have one last look at themselves before stepping down to greet their awaiting loved ones. They’re after him for his duffel bag and the eighty thousand dollars that is inside. The tunnel would be coming up soon and his decision must be made by then, as he doesn’t want to create anything that would cause the train to be stopped or to be searched by police. Seeing the tunnel now yet still in the distance but as the train approaches, he must make his move now. Getting up easy like, he steps toward the gentleman’s room noticing the two men move ahead to the next booth closer. Once inside he will have to move quickly as he unlocks the padlock and chain around his waist with the duffel bag still strapped over his shoulder. Standing on the small stool sometimes used by children, he reaches up to unlatch the old overhead emergency exit that has not been in use for many years. No alarms will sound either, since this train is only for historical display. Pushing the duffel bag up onto the roof outside, he is momentarily unattached and without the tunnel in his sight he then pulls himself up onto the roof. Securing the duffel bag back onto his shoulder and around his waist, he now sees the tunnel coming at him and hearing the two men now inside the gentleman’s room below. Pulling the shoulder strap over his head around his neck, he must jump before being smashed into the brick archway at the tunnel entrance. With both arms he hugs the duffel bag, the tunnel now so close he can see nothing else except the steep sloping mountainside next to him. It is then in this instant, almost as if in a slow dreamlike motion, he leaps into the mountain air.

End ~


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