“Penthouse View”

The view from the eighty fifth floor was remarkable and quiet. Down below the bustling sounds of life carried on with the sounds of traffic and trains, buses, honking horns and planes above them. All sharing one task only,  which was to move people about in a constant state of motion. From eighty five floors up he could hear nothing through the bullet proof glass and see only small bits of the life down below in a scale miniature size. It was quiet up here as he gazed out over the horizon, appreciating his solitude and privacy. So much so that he rarely ever had any interest in going out, choosing instead to entertain himself alone high above and seemingly content in his own private world. Of course the suite was filled with the latest of gadgets and modern technology of all sorts, communication devices, books of documented reference, and one other piece of equipment that he reveled in was his telescope. However, not just any department store purchase, his was of a high grade surveillance work of art. A career Intel agent he was, storing and analyzing the kind of secret lifestyles that people kill for to remain a secret. Well paid and well taken care by the people he answers to, never breaching their trust or his enduring commitment that is counted on by those who could destroy him if he were to ever break rank on them. 

Today life below will change after the signal has sounded at two o’clock this afternoon, those people will have twenty minutes to stop what they’re doing or going and get inside. The heavy buzzing sound for twenty seconds followed by eight click sounds a second each, repeats for the next twenty minutes. All forms of transportation will shut down, urging everyone inside for the next ninety six hours before returning to their daily activities. The ongoing procedure now for the past three months, has an open agenda with no plans to end. From his eighty fifth floor view he will witness the happening as the eerie process begins. Through his telescope he will watch and analyze as life down below will cease into twilight, although he is safe and will continue to remain comfortable in the suite provided to him. The accompanying staff will tend to him and with his dinner at six o’clock, he will report to Intel.

A chemical spray will be launched, blanketing everything with the cold toxic blood red misty substance that will destroy the factoid mutation and thereby cleansing their air as well. It will take the ninety six hours for the whole resolution.

Daybreak tomorrow morning, with it’s warm sunny light will illuminate the now harmless residue as they embrace the red dawn.

End ~


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