Looking down from his snipers nest above the building where his target would be stepping down to the awaiting car, parked just off the steps, motor running. He would have only a matter of a few seconds to make his shot, finishing the hit just as the car door would be opened, giving him the perfect rear head view. He has been perched on the rooftop of this building about four hours, with the help from his organization overseeing the day’s mission. The rooftop, with all of its grandeur provides cover as the mighty sculpted structure has a five foot edging all the way around. With the barrel of his weapon painted to match the color of the building, he will make the shot just to the left of the entryway pillars down below. He must be dead clean with his shot, careful not to graze the pillar or the car, causing the bullet to ricochet. Giving him about eight inches, or the width of the target’s head when ushered into the car. The impact  from  his shot  will cause hysterical panic down below as they will scramble to protect the target, although he will remain calm knowing the success of his mission has been accomplished.             

His exit however will not be immediate, as he will wait for the signal from a recess under one of the air-conditioning units, most likely after the target has been escorted to the hospital. Hidden from view as agents look around the rooftop area. He will then make his way down inside a back pillar narrow stairway, breaking down his weapon and changing his clothes along the way. Stepping into the alley, he will discard the contents of the day’s mission into an awaiting trash dumpster that has six inches of a toxic black oil like liquid waiting at the bottom.  With his hands still gloved, he will open the lid just enough to drop the contents, careful not to have any of the steaming liquid to splash back up at him. Grabbing a jacket, tie & hat combo from inside a utility box, he will then make his way further down the alley to a ground level cellar doorway covered in debris. Once inside, he will make his way along the dimly lit musty tunnel way that had been left over from the days of prohibition when it was used for the storing and transport of bootleg liquor. Finally making his way into a forgotten unused basement area of the media building, used for storing historical paper files. After checking himself in the bathroom mirror, he will quickly head upstairs to join the others in the newsroom. Sharing with them his shock and disbelief over the assassination and what is to be the days headline.

 End ~


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