“The Information”

Knowing what would happen if the information he had access to were to be made public, gave him a defining sense of moral obligation to do right by the people. Not those he worked for but rather the people of his country, knowing that he himself would not like the idea that he was under a data collection operation being carried out through the use of our modern day internet and cellular phone service. More to the point however the term surveillance better described what he had become to recognize as the job he was trusted to perform. But his moral sense of what was right and was wrong conflicted with his bound duty to serve his comrades. As each day would pass by and more data was being analyzed, stored or shared to a third party intercept, it had become clear to him that he would do the unthinkable. The unsuspecting people had every right to be made aware was his conclusion, even if it meant losing his position and facing whatever consequences would await for him. In other words, he would be singled out as a traitor and would most certainly be prosecuted without him having any chance at all to explain his actions. The people must know what is going on with their internet and cellular data, a retrieval of destinations, phone calls, emails, photos and searches all compiled as metadata. A security measure to insure safety from foreign invasion or breach of confidence among the people, had turned into an authoritarian manifest of harvested social profiles to include financial information and party affiliation. By this means the consumer public could in effect be spied upon with their current day techno-savvy lives, combined with  advertisements targeted at select groups or parties through their own social media, to  include the  determination  of  housing and population census numbers to increase the electorate. He would get the attention of a select reporter to take it to the people, doing so on his own would result in immediate prosecution and the information remaining secret. It would be a chance that he would have to take, getting out of the country quickly before the news was released. The people then might  know him as a traitor perhaps, but at least the corruption would be public knowledge and the people could make up their own minds as to the morality of his actions to make them aware of what he considered to be an invasion of their privacy.

He would go outside of his country around the world to a highly populated city, where it would be easy to blend into the bustling metro area. He would not be publicly recognized right away because his position inside was not well known or made a matter of public knowledge. At least for the moment anyway, but that  could change once the news gets out, although raising further suspicion of anyone else involved would also provide a distraction. Maybe having his identity known would make him a hero, getting a job as an underground reporter, or as a maintenance engineer for a tech company could certainly be possible.  Either way, he would live in a self imposed exile for a while or forever. Having a substantial amount of cash already saved from his frugal loner social status would make the plan easier, knowing that once he starts this there would be no turning back, either all in or walk away and forget about the whole nonsense of morality. But there would be none of that, his mind was set to turn everything as they knew it to be, upside down and spilling all out the corruption. 

The information, or at least enough of it to get some attention, would have to be extracted and thereby making him a thief as well. Getting it to a hard nosed reporter that has yet to get the big headline, is the type he will find, someone that would feel as compelled as him. He knows there will be an attempt to capture him, so with his identity unknown at least for now, would gain him the extra time needed to flee the country. Not having to look too far, as he had all the information he would need right in front of him.  

 End ~


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