“Twilight And Tomorrow”

Stepping out onto the rooftop, looking at the silence down below has an eerie feel. All that remains are the empty buildings, cars and buses. All their lives had  stopped in mid-day when the toxic freezing red mist was launched from the underground wells. Everyone thought it would come from planes overhead, at least that was the talk going around. They were unaware and caught unprepared this time when it started due to an unannounced schedule change and although most had got inside during the twenty minutes they had after the signal was sounded, there were those who resisted and had faced the grave consequences. It will stay empty like this for the next few days until the all safe signal has sounded. The red mist covering everything will destroy the mutant warfare along with any other living human or animal, as it dries out, leaving only the harmless powder like residue to be swept up when their life down below begins again. Witnessing all of this from the high rise tower view at the eighty fifth floor was shuddering to watch as safety up here would  not be compromised. With this being the third time this year, one  would assume there  would be no casualties and that those people would follow what had been outlined for them to do. But with the resistance growing more restless with each procedure, lives will be sacrificed as they attempt to prove whatever it is that they stand for. The barren landscape, void of the vegetation and micro-life that used to inhabit there, is desert like. This silent bio-warfare has worked its way into normal everyday life, looming over their daily routine of living and working. Most are not even angry and are most happy to have the censored internet provided them, since televisions and radios were rendered useless. Social interaction is discouraged, however it is limited. Having their children and loved ones alive, along with food and shelter is what they all want and their lives are saved with the hope of tomorrow.

Most everyone works from their homes, apartments or shelters either doing chemical warfare strategy or surveillance of what they cannot see. The rest are part of the controlling machine, delivering their food and medicines to them. What is left of the resistance is diminishing, they haven’t a chance against this enemy. A factoid bio-mutation that most believe to have been created in order to further the authoritarian regime. Motor transportation is only used by those in power, to patrol and provide help  to them while they manage their daily lives. Aircraft are used  by the military for surveillance and to protect from foreign invasion.  Life  has evolved into this stark cold reality with each passing reign becoming more tainted than the one previous. It’s the new way of power over the masses, listening each new day to the broadcast of censored news and monotone doctrine from the rooftop speakers and infused into their provided internet. As they cling to one another, their submissive lives carry on into the twilight.

End ~


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