“X-10 Factor”

Driving west along one of the two highways left to travel after the devastation didn’t offer much to view, but a lot to photograph. One highway in  the northern part of the country with one highway in the southern part. Both connecting to the only two cities left, each at opposite ends of the country, east and west. He was on his way to Metro West as it was known, after having been to Metro East on assignment for the Metro Daily Report. Keeping each side of the country updated on the latest developments as both cities were in the rebuilding stages to salvage what was left. The rest of the country was a barren dusty desert void of any vegetation or life, be it human or animal. All that was left to rebuild were the two cities and the two highways connecting them and with what was left of the population to manage development into the future. The bio-factoid mutation that destroyed so much, was the last of the bio-warfare left, wiping out all of the intransigent forces in an all out suicide of their own people. The exoskeleton of a framework left here on this side of the world is what Metro West and Metro East were. Surrounded by the vast waste land that once was home for the  bustling growing cities with their hover cars and hyper-tech, had been reduced to ground zero with scraps of iron, glass and rubber scattered across the now deserted landscape. 

His job was to report and communicate between the two cities, with internet and  cellular service no longer available, he was also the courier. Delivering packages, mail, food and limited medicines to each. By the time he made it to the west end it was time to head back to the east end with no reason to stop in between except to relieve himself. There weren’t the weather patterns that once were either, just the dry dusty desert air with the occasional warm to hot rain. Winters were gone and the days long in the sticky humid climate now left to cultivate. Good thing about his travels to and from the metro areas was that he could make the round trip in a day, recharging at the utility pads when needed at each city. 

This being the last strain of the bio-warfare known as the X-10 Factor, was so much more fatal than the previous flu-like mutations launched before. The X-10, once engaged with human tissue would result in death two to fours later. With the body mass breaking down into a powder within an hour afterwards. Through the years each mutant creation would be stronger and more deadly until finally the days would come to an end with the X-10 being the strongest one to date. 

All the tech-advances in the world while great and historical, also attracted with it the criminal element, bent on destruction and presumed power even if nothing or no one were to be left. Now with bio-warfare over, at least for the next few hundred years anyway, with the fate of humanity uncertain, the black void awaits with the coming twilight.

End ~


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