“Humanity Measured”

What would be left after the fallout they all wondered, everything that had been reported on previously had become vague synoptic speeches that contained conflicting and misleading information. There were those in society that had actively pursued any leaked information, feeling that it was their right to know what had really been going on to have brought the population to their presumed uncertain fate. Understanding the factoid strain to be contagious and yet fatal too, with some, carried with it the framework of bio-warfare, a man made mutation created in some overseas laboratory. 

After all the hype about the coming apocalypse, “end of days and the reckoning”, humanity seemed to have no chance of survival. What they chose to believe would depend on their political affiliation, as ironic as it sounded, but nonetheless true. Red states, blues states, the predictions and the ratings, all maintained and fueled  the ever “mutating” stream of politics. Legislation and the pending “package” held in three to six-inch binders, repeated voting procedures, or a “vote” as to whether or not to even have a vote, sent to and from each desk and each building. Feeling that the officials were  meddling  with their very lives and how they pursued their happiness, with  bureaucratic layers of policy to be filtered, edited and watered down in order for them to better understand. Furthering the growing need for any leaked information. 

Humanity could not be measured in that way and  they obviously had not been thought of enough to be capable of critical thinking. Allowing themselves to become a divided population, listening to and only aligning themselves within a single party, would further add to the existing political agenda. However, there were those who would  not trust either  party, red or blue, a growing resistance against what they believed to be the development perhaps of an old world authoritarian system. They had become disillusioned with the exhaustive rhetoric and had formed rallies and parades with their black & white flags in an effort to gain attention that they were going to protect their human rights as a people, coming together in unity, abandoning all affiliations for the one single and just cause . . . humanity. 

End ~


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