“The Leaks”

Disclosure of the files he had obtained was also the right of the people to know what was being kept secret from them. Information, documents and facts he felt compelled to make known. He had discovered an underground black web buried under the consumer surface of the internet. With no office or physical address to work from, he would set up wherever he happened to be because his actions had already caused quite the furor, with attempts to capture and interrogate him. With contributions and reports from fellow supporters, their identity being kept secret, had given him plenty of information and a means to further the cause. Using the internet to his advantage, he created a website under the guise of a news outlet for the public, however some of the original source material that had been collected was also being published in its raw unfiltered form. Providing readers the evidence of truth for them to examine and decide for themselves. His correspondence and data was encrypted to further insure the information would not be tampered with or intercepted. 

Taking in trusted fellow supporters as the amount of information coming into the operation was increasing, the efforts to capture him had also increased, intensifying the cause to an extreme level.  He now had a staff of sorts with him, keeping their identities secret as well. Their office was them together, using the web and moving about, maintaining their mission. Even though he was now a wanted man, efforts to bring him in proved to be exhaustive with the tech-knowledge of governing officials lagging some thirty years behind.  Refusing to update and educate with the evolving generations had limited their members severely, under estimating this operation and his capabilities. It had become an embarrassing situation, the “leaks” as it was referred to, along with the evasive movements of  his staff. The website was accessible by anyone, but their location and identities remained unknown.

His name would eventually become known worldwide as international agents were brought in to aid with his capture. He would flee the country, however not to abandon his staff, his cause would then be carried on. Further continuing the justification of their efforts and the mission to inform the population. 

Finding safety in a small overseas country, he was seen as a hero and thus given asylum where he placed himself in a self imposed exile of sorts, boldly moving ahead with the “leaks” now with he and his staff operating from opposite sides of the world. Still he would maintain encrypted contact with his devoted staff, as the website forged ahead. Accepting select interviews and speaking publicly in front of huge gatherings filled with followers, talking more about  what he had done and more importantly as to why he had been compelled to do so. He would then become known  as a traitor by some, still a hero by others and yet viewed as a pseudo-celebrity regardless.  But the most defining impact the “leaks” had made on the population was simply to have informed them and to have made them aware. 

End ~


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