“Fatal Intentions”

Returning back to what once was a thriving metro area, bustling with activity all in constant motion with the sounds of commuters, honking horns and sirens, had become deadened with abandoned silence after the biological fallout. Even the trees had become bare and blackened, no vegetation anywhere as far as could be seen. The  apocalyptic end of days had arrived  and  the absence of any human or animal life revealed a grim eeriness of the death sentence they had been served. 

The mutation originated within a foreign bio-tech corporation where it had been created, some thought by accident although most believed it to be intentional. An act of bio-warfare that had been launched by drones, loaded with the fatal mist, had tainted the air. With modern age tech-savvy intel capabilities, no way had the experiment been an accident. In fact all evidence would later prove that it had been a calculated execution in the race for world power, even at the expense of humanity. Some areas had a more lethal mix of the mutation, while others had been more mild and not fatal. Suggesting too that the strength had been altered, being directed at specific parts of the country where the higher population was. The subject of many books and movies had finally come to be, in a black void of uncertainty, the bizarre twilight of their reality had succumbed to fatal intentions.

It was the antigen injection that supposedly had been developed, touted to save everyone, presumably. But with millions of lives hanging in the balance, it never became available as a cure. It was the nightmare no one thought could ever be, with nuclear power being of the same caliber globally, a worldwide checkmate had been established. Thereby ending  all threats due to mass fatalities, essentially saving the world from annihilation . . . 

The misleading reports and  conflicting accounts of what had or what was  happening were exhaustive, leaving a disillusioned perspective to be absorbed into the population. A growing resistance had challenged the officials in protest, outraged they denounced  their propaganda . . .  The evolution of mankind had been compromised with bureaucratic layers of policy that had been nurtured through generations of corruption and deception. 

The end of humanity had taken its deadly toll,  wiping out the major metro areas, with nearly two thirds of the population gone. Those areas that managed to survive were left with a stark aftermath, the world as they once knew it to be, had  been forever altered — by human intervention . . .

They were dependent  upon the officials in order to rebuild, with food, medicine, and supplies, using a voucher system of rations based upon work credits.  Standing in long lines reminiscent of soup lines during the depression era of the thirties, everyone would receive their inoculation.  Penetrating just behind their left ear, into the cerebral cortex of the brain where their memory, awareness, thought and consciousness would be erased. Leaving only the framework of a human anatomy, incapable of critical thinking or interaction, the long awaited robot-like implantation had begun. Operating the computer tech equipment that had replaced manufacturing and labor with functioning cyborgs, capable of programmed schedules and flawless performance. It was a level field of equality, no one better or worse off than the other. The perfect specimen had been created, one  that would no longer question or resist, working their hours, earning their credits in a veiled and darkened, whispering society.  

End ~


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