Devastation after the biological fallout that had been launched by drone warfare, ended life as was previously known to be. What was left of the population did in fact manage to evolve again, but in  quite a different manner than ever before. All of the past predictions about how life would carry on into the future were right, although at the time they were dismissed as mere fantasy and illusion. 

The base-land was their hub with at least half of the population still being cyborgs, the rest had been transformed into robots using DNA saved from previous lives. Their DNA had been stored for years before the fallout, specific genetic profiles were used in part, to program the robots combined with the bio-harvested, spawned antigen. The humanized-bots or HM-Zs as they were referred to, were hard to tell any difference from the cyborgs, only that their eyes did not dilate and that after eight years their eye color would begin to fade to a black onyx, identifying them as adult-bots. They were completely self contained while the cyborgs were still attached or connected to a maintaining device outside of their bodies. The cyborgs were the working population and the HM-Zs were their leaders, under  reigning command from the elder HM-Zs.

Pseudo-clinics had been established at the base-land in order to maintain the cyborgs, providing the necessary updates or modifications when needed, keeping them around until they became obsolete. They received food from work credits on a voucher system that was based upon the number of cyborgs in each unit.  As their life expectancy would dwindle,  they  were  then  housed  together in  communal  quarters where their daily routines consisted of assisting each other and recycling parts of their anatomy that could be saved.

The HM-Zs however, were housed in official barracks where the charging  pods and programming stations lined the walls and were stacked in tiers. The common area located in the center, is where the kiosk like com-stations were and used to relay information to their elder superiors or to communicate with other HM-Zs outside of the base-land. 

Climate changes had also been predicted, but had been ignored and dismissed too along with all  the other warnings in years past. The air was warm to hot and the days were very long, daylight lasting eighteen hours a day and the red sky void of any clouds, wind or rain throughout the desert like terrain. The nights were short, somewhat cooler and the base-land stayed lit through the night with huge stadium style lighting systems, reflecting a darkened but yet still reddish sky. There wasn’t a dawn or a sunrise as the darkness lifted, only to reveal the ever present ominous red sky and the heat radiating from it. 

Their lives, void of any critical thinking, thoughts or consciousness, incapable of interaction or gestures, would continue to operate the tech-equipment that had replaced the manufacturing and labor facilities. The perfect specimen — with unlimited performance, also incapable of questioning or resisting the imperial headquarters. Developing the base-land like colonies of worker bees and sharing one common goal among them all.

There would be no wars, or global threats at least not for another hundred years or so with the limited population left to rebuild. More base-lands would be yet to form with each new colony evolving and as they forge ahead into the silence of a veiled future, perhaps they will reconsider the race for world power and the ultimate sacrifice.

End ~


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