“New World”

The view of the Earth this far away had been photographed before and released to share with the New World, but locked into the cockpit with the main instrument panel in front of him, he was actually seeing for himself the first time, what he had only seen in pictures. This was his first trip away from the docking station where he worked as a flight-tech engineer for EXCOM, the spawn of NASA and the Space Station. He had read about the colorful planet Earth while growing up and wondered how such an amazing place could have ever self destructed in that way, with so much documented history, education and wealth, natural beauty and advancing technology. He wondered too if any lessons had been learned from the disastrous fatal end that overtook their population. The Earth, blackened from the biological-warfare that had devastated the known to be civilized planet, was only visible when the Sun passed behind, revealing the darkened object as it eclipsed against the illuminating Sun, burning away at the Earth’s charred surface. The population had numerous political wars, until finally the fatal silence of bio-war — with each new leader seeking to destroy mankind,  incessant  for world power. 

The LEXCOM X was making another routine trip to deliver food, supplies and equipment  to the evolving New World, the module he shared with  seven of his fellow time travelers was voyaging halfway between the Moon and what used to be the mysterious red planet of Mars. The New World was evolving and the population had begun to colonize, although help was still needed from their neighboring Moon dwellers. There was no monetary system used, having failed on Earth, it had been the pretext for wars and territories, until finally the biological tech-war that proved to be their ultimate sacrifice.

There was plenty of work to be done along the chalky reddish terrain and inside the family pod dwellings, having duties for everyone, no one was left out. Everyone made their contributions and without a social ladder system of dollars and cents to divide them as better or worse off than the other . . . Adults and adolescents worked the terrain, installed the web-net towers and assembled the pods and tech-labs. Children developed and maintained the communications web-net, sending and receiving analytical data mostly with the Moon population, but with other neighboring planets as well. Some of which had not yet established the same humanoid-bot existence, but had the web-net towers in place for the fully self contained mecha-noids, which were also evolving and establishing  their own settlements. Drilling the Mars core for the shimmering gold arsakson was used for illuminating light and radiating heat absorbed from the ever present Sun, eventually burning the Earth to its final black ashes.

The TRIDEX was much larger than LEXCOM X, pulling with it three aero-stations that were placed in the Mars atmosphere to orbit and provide a link-up with other spacecraft, similar to the NASA Space Station that once orbited the Earth. Providing food, fuel and supplies to future time travelers on their way beyond the Mars atmosphere to another unknown planet yet to be inhabited. The New World was growing quickly and with modern tech-capabilities, the predicted new horizon would be within reach during the coming time tables that had replaced the earlier methods of understanding and measuring time.

Much had been learned from NASA, the predecessor to EXCOM, providing some of the early operations framework and navigation of the command crew module for the eight time travelers onboard. Having NASA’s Space Station in orbit was the link-up that allowed LEXCOM X to travel beyond known boundaries, seeking to forge the New World. A distant life that once was Earth offered no hope for the population, further intensifying the need for knowledge and space travel in order for civilization to survive and prosper. The command crew, made up of four men and four women, were regarded as brave heroes and loyal patriots all sharing one mission, to search for and go beyond the frontier, furthering mankind’s quest for the future.  

End ~


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