“Beyond The Nuclear Twilight”

Mars had been recognized officially as the new world after the drones launched the silent fatal bio-mist that had contaminated Earth’s air, destroying all life forms, human and animal along with all vegetation. Another drone sweep had launched yet another unknown substance that confused the orbital memory of Earth, in effect freezing it in a position too close to the Sun, essentially causing the unprotected surface to overheat. — Much like holding a magnifying glass in the direct sunlight over a piece of paper, a burning hole begins to ignite the paper on fire, eventually burning the whole paper into black ash. — That is what the EXCOM crew aboard the TRIDEX voyage had witnessed from their command capsule during routine expeditions to the Moon dwellers and back to the Mars new world. History showed Earth to have been a beautiful planet, the most developed civilized world among the solar system, rich with education, wealth and power. It was the incessant battle for ultimate world domination that led their population finally into bio-warfare at the whims of insane power hungry governments that would rather destroy mankind than to join together in unified efforts to maintain world peace and order. 

The once dreamed of life on Mars had become a reality however, especially after the Moon had been further researched and understood more thoroughly with data from its atmosphere, weather, core and mineral compositions. The Moon had been the gateway to Mars and the new world. Most all of the predictions and suggestive theories regarding life on Mars had been actualized, except for the monetary system of dollars and cents. A voucher system was used to distribute food, medicine and supplies based upon work credits and the number of people living together in each unit. There was no social ladder or political parties to divide or create unrest within, everyone was equal to another and all striving for the common good of the new world.  Much had been learned from Earth’s demise and the most egregious systems were abandoned — money, political affiliation and agenda — taking away everything that had been fought over historically since its beginning. The biological warfare was believed to be so powerful in keeping world order — yet like the controls of a video game being placed in the hands of elected officials who have no concern for diplomatic procedure or for humanity — that very power would bring them to apocalypse and ultimately Earth’s annihilation.  

—- * —-

The impending bio-fallout had given birth to a new breed of humanitarian thinking that produced notable players in the quest for knowledge beyond the nuclear twilight, banding together to form alliances, sharing skills and critical thinking about life on Mars. These notables were select individuals who had a great capacity for learning and understanding far above what was known to be averages levels of intelligence, realizing the need  for the advancement of  mankind to the next  horizon and beyond.  One man  in particular had received considerable attention and criticism for his work with sustainable future products like solar panels and electric powered cars, however his work regarding sustainable life on Mars along with the development of his space travel program to get there, although initially was met with skepticism from experts — but realizing the strength of a unified space program, the world vision would focus more intensely on him as his companies expanded. He was not alone in his quest for the future, hiring thousands of employees to manufacture with proceeds from an internet startup system that he developed and then later sold. Feeling that the internet had already been conquered, his interest focused entirely on the sustainable future. His ideas though, to skeptics seemed unrealistic and unfounded, however he remained undaunted because not only did he have amazing ideas and insight, he also had done his research to back up his claims. He would carry on with his developments, surrounding himself with like minded people and accepting offers for media interviews. His presence had been made within the world market and was then recognized to be a global visionary.

The future of mankind had evolved beyond the nuclear twilight, forming a new world on Mars, as space travel would continue to explore the rest of the solar system for inhabitable planets. Bio-tech would be used for and to further sustainable life on Mars and the new world, never again to be used in warfare or for political agenda. 

Earth would crumble in black ash and dissipate into the Sun’s burning air, eventually leaving no trace of life or of its inhabitants. 

End ~


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