In an uncertain world, the future had been placed upon a bargaining table — its players, the elected ones, were rolling the dice while gambling with the survival of mankind. Watching this unfold as it happened, day by day the people were looking on from their darkened arena — like spectators at the final round in a game of life, with the smokey red nuclear twilight looming in the background. It was inconceivable to believe or accept that Earth’s end would or could be measured in this way by an agenda that appeared to be on a course of action to take control of man’s destiny — ultimately altering the fate of the world and mankind.

Agenda was the key word in question and what specifically would it entail,  or reveal ?  It was the general consensus that the population as a whole, had become aware of an underlying hidden agenda . . . It was afterall an election year and since ballot tampering came under scrutiny with the previous election along with the closing of rural area polling sites to further control and alter voter turnout, suspicion had grown throughout parts of society, dividing people among another with party alignment and in effect managing the population like commodities with time seemingly standing still as they awaited the outcome . . . Learning about what all of that would  mean — perhaps after the election and hopefully before the red dawn — would only then begin the disclosure to reveal the real truth.

—- * —-

There was a secret society, an overseeing controlling body that literally owned countries, their money and their population. Controlling banks and financial systems, voting and ballot procedures, electoral boundaries and political agendas.  Of course none of this had ever been proven to be,  but had certainly been suspected  in efforts to make the people more aware. But what could they have done against the financial political authoritarians ? They were the elite and untouchable by common society and would require the skills of someone on the inside — one of their own cronies  — for recon and disclosure.  Someone who felt so strongly about revealing information that they in effect would allow their name to be attached to the deed for the persecution to follow. That person who would then give up their life for exile in another country and feel that it would be worth the trade off for people to be made aware and informed of what was really going on behind the policy, politics and propaganda . . . Seeking simply and solely — truth. 

A complicated man-made system of bureaucratic layers meant to keep the people divided among themselves, to allow workers to be just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork perhaps, but not capable of critical thinking. That was want they didn’t want — a society capable of critical thinking, a society that could figure out the truth with people coming together undivided and unified for the common goodwill of humanity — thereby exposing the elite’s collusion, corruption and conspiracy to essentially to own the country and its government, its money and its people. This was the secret society, a long standing archaic institution where money, influence and inherent family ties carry the rites of passage into the elite nest.

Fortunately, there were those who did exactly that . . . select individuals who were viewed by some as traitors or “whistleblowers” by those who either didn’t understand the far reaching scope of the disclosure, or didn’t want the truth revealed due to their political alignments within. However, they were recognized yet by others who understood the moral decisions they had faced before losing their anonymity,  to be more of a “pseudo-celebrity”. . . Having been silenced either by exile or imprisonment, admirers supported their moral cause for justice by purchasing books written by or about them and independent documentaries that had been chronicled  about them. Giving way for a new breed of insightful thinking, going beyond the rhetoric and propaganda, risking everything in their lives to expose the masked truths hidden behind power, greed, deception and corruption. The seed of justice and moral cause had been established in the minds of future truth seekers and their supporters.

End ~


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