Daybreak brought with it the eerie sense of an empty twilight, knowing that he was the only living one left. His presence there among the dead reminded him of what his fate might have been, had he chosen not to travel on to Mars with the others. His purpose for returning back to Earth was to examine the  remains left  of human life, photograph and collect the data.  The bio-fallout had been looming over like a black veil, shrouding the once civilized planet in dark silence as the whispers of death swept through. Their air had been contaminated by a drone sweep that launched the fatal red mist three days prior, there were to be no survivors . . . the red dawn of nuclear twilight had arrived.

—- * —-

Cyborg; cybernetic organism; bion > (1) A living organism or being that has robotic or mechanical parts to extend their capabilities. (2) Physical abilities are extended beyond normal limitations by mechanical elements built into the body

—- * —-

He had prepared for this dawn of the reckoning and he was on recon to report back with analytics and the data needed to recognize his final descent to Earth,  marking the file as a mission completed. The whole process of annihilation hadn’t taken that long, just three days, there were no explosions or fires, only silence when they witnessed briefly the effects of biological warfare as their last breaths were hushed by the fatal red mist. No living human, animal or vegetation would survive, ending Earth’s orbital memory, forever suspended in its path, allowing it to overheat from the Sun, in effect burning  its surface into charred remains and eventually into black dust. Essentially mission completed meant that Earth would be no more, its remains dissipating  into the solar system.

After receiving the signal for all clear, he would step outside onto the reddish powdered residue left from the bio-mist, now considered to be harmless and with the scent of human ash and death all around, he would proceed with his scan around the area. The data device was attached at his lower back, with the relay cables stemming upwards inside his spine and connecting into his brain at the base of  his skull,  just above his neck. Scanning with his hyper-vision, he would see up to  a hundred miles along the perimeter,  the information and photos from his optical sensors relaying into his brain and down into the data device. From there, the data would be transferred to the main frame system for playback and analysis.

There would be no nightfall during the nuclear twilight, the LEXCOM from Mars would be arriving soon to recover him and the data from the mission. The piercing nightglow blue from the marker lights attached to the spacecraft reminded him of his favorite nightglow clock & bluetooth stereo system he had when he was still among  the human population on Earth. Recognizing that familiar color from a hundred miles away would awaken him from his daydream and within less than a minute the recovery ship would hover at a foot above Earth’s charred surface as two of his comrades would reach out to hoist him into the LEXCOM belly for their return back to Mars and the new world.

End ~


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