“Genesis” ~ Into Modern Age ~

The calculated rescue would be executed with precision, the LEXCOM would drop to within a foot of Earth’s surface and hover quietly while the three man team entered the secret tunnel-way from the backside of the canyon rock. From there they would board the ULTRAX and begin their descent, one hundred yards along a downward slope to the underground bunker to load up the awaiting biotech-analyst and the team of two systems engineers and three computer programmers. Together they all would re-board the ULTRAX for the one hundred yard accent back to the hidden canyon entrance where they would board with their gear onto the  hovering LEXCOM for their return back to Mars and the new world. The tech-team had set up temporary quarters in the bunker after setting the bio-lab and space command headquarters above into self destruct mode that would occur within the bio-fallout. All the necessary files and gear that were saved would then be brought with them back to Mars homeland. The small team of six techs had been the collective brain of the bio-lab and space command, all part of EXCOM and Mars new world. 

They had stayed in the bunker as a shelter when preparing for the bio-fallout, knowing that Earth would be no more after world domination took on a whole new meaning as the population rested their future within the self indulgences of officials always ready to “push the button”. In fact during the modern day press briefings, it was becoming common to hear them talk about how absolute their power was, that the decision to “push the button” was theirs and only theirs to make. That day would come — “the dawn of reckoning” — when mankind would be stopped dead with the mass sacrifice of humanity, with the simple “push of a button” that would end Earth’s population in the name of global power. Civilization lost within the greed for control and domination.

——– * ——–

Technological advances with the digital age brought with it a better understanding of options for the advancement of life beyond Earth, not only survival, but an updated way of thinking and interpreting the real possibilities of interplanetary travel and colonization. Survival could only be successful with new world thinking, otherwise the population would be doomed to repeat what had already destroyed them. Having a foresight to the future would be the greatest asset to mankind, allowing for the education and discovery of life evolving in the modern age.

EXCOM would lead the way beyond the nuclear horizon and onto the Mars new world, abandoning everything that had been fought over or had created division and unrest among societies of Earth — the monetary system of dollars and cents, the political system and its agenda along with healthcare systems that were attached to both money and politics — there would be a new social ladder. The Mars new world would continue to forge ahead with innovative programs and systems developed to promote goodwill and humanity. 

Mankind would survive and yet evolve with the genesis into modern age.

End ~


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