“New World Order”

Drone warfare had been implemented into the new world order as the need for battles on the barren land had ceased after the fallout, drones were controlled by the X-Bots from their hidden underground bunkers. Like video games that had captured the youth of previous generations, everything was played out on the military owned hyper-net across cinematic mega screens. The directorate ruled their own internet access, while both entities waged global warfare against the other side of the world. What was left of the human population had been rendered useless due to the damage that bio-warfare had on their bodies and brains, the launch of thermo-nuclear agents had left all of them either mentally or physically impaired. Fitting them up with bionic parts from the X-Bots, with an attached outer device that linked them to the computer system, making them the cyborg working structure either for the military or the directorate. 

The attack had been carried out into a digital society that had become disconnected from spirited human interaction, meaningful gestures, eye contact and conversation, all had given way to digital communication, filled with memes, emojis, quick quip-like comments, fake photos and social media generated profiles to project a character or being to others of the same like-minded who identify with the persona while abandoning critical thinking, human emotion and their own personal identity.

The disconnect from meaningful human relationships had been the accepted agenda, allowing aspects of daily lives to be tracked, monitored and stored by a system that viewed the population as commodities, buying and selling the collected information to enhance targeted marketing, all at the agreed upon expense of personal privacy.

In the midst of current day life being played out via the internet, there was another not so hidden agenda at work. The voice recordings, use of words facial recognition and thought patterns were also being harvested for artificial intelligence as the near future included a mass influx of automation, taking over most if not all human oriented and physically dependent jobs while creating and developing other jobs with the new world horizon approaching.

“AI” literally encompassed the future with extraordinary advancements in workplace performance, capacity ratio and production percentage. Also meaning however that break times could be eliminated along with the standard eight to ten hour shifts, expanding to full twenty four hour production or service by automated machines that wouldn’t get sick, become disabled or lose their memory. For the military it meant revolutionizing a strike force with unlimited capabilities and zero casualties. Human workforce would be reduced down to whatever automation didn’t cover, creating a market with limited human or social interaction with no need for critical thinking. An environment that had been evolving all along, as each human thought slowly drifted away into the black void of semi-consciousness awareness.

Their monitored lives had been tracked and sold like commodities, with the collected information up for sale, it had allowed the initial invasion to go unnoticed while their routine lives in suburbia carried on uninterrupted. Essentially, they had allowed it to happen as their muted state of consciousness played out through social media, memes, quips and quotes while digitally scrolling their lives away. Unaware of real time and real news, they had become snared in the haze between actuality and deception.

This was the new world order, a rigid mechanical lifestyle in a computerized robotized world. Automation had only gone so far before the directorate together with the military, took control over the up and coming AI future, using the technology for global domination and weapons of mass destruction. As with any society, human or mechanical, robotized or digitized, there will always be the rogue avengers, delinquent outcasts who don’t follow the accepted agenda. The outlaws banding together for a cause, the new world order being no exception, fighting their wars through bio-tech, harvested genetics and rogue AI’s. 

Earth had been destroyed and the powers that be were satisfied with their control, even as the resistance was still evolving with the Mars colonization, battles raged on to prevent each new space voyage.

Mars had become the new frontier. 

End ~


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