“AI” ~ Global Reach & The Rogue Element ~

With the technological advancements of AI development, the thought of having a rogue machine didn’t seem likely while creating the perfect specimen. With all the harvested data on human behavior, brain waves, speech and gestures designed to be incorporated into the mainframe and relayed through the sensory neurons, some criminal elements had also been harvested into the mainframe. Meaning that in effect there were some robots capable of criminal activity, just like the human population had been, also capable of launching a virus into other machines much like infecting a computer with a worm or Trojan. They were essentially an automated robotic computer with human-like characteristics and gestures anyway, and  while society had evolved into the future with AI-tech, so it had brought along with it the dark undertow of criminal activity that would be webbed into the evolving mainframe of AI development . . . The rogue AI network.

The robots would then carry on human society’s criminal elements with the good still chasing the bad, but all would be done with artificial intelligence tracking, since human intervention would be no match and therefore useless. What was left of mankind had been reduced to a working class structure of cyborgs that provided limited exterior maintenance on the machines, with the updates being performed within the mainframe. There were cyborgs that had been enlisted either by the government or military, their tasks included cyber surveillance, hardware maintenance and link-ups within their computer systems. While the perfect specimen had been created, the perfect criminal specimen had also been created, foreseeing every possible option and or mistake so as to execute the perfect crime. They were indistinguishable from the other machines, except for a red light glow from the inner corners of their eyes, visible by the faint reflection over the nose bridge, meaning that the alarm sensors had turned on the system warning panel in the brain box located in the robot skull cavity. 

Hyper-tech surveillance and drone spies would be used to fight the outcast AI, played out in real time futuristic mobility that had only been seen on the video game screens of past human generations. AI had even reached the military as the robotized soldiers had become automated machines of mass destruction with hyper-vision that could scan hundred mile territories, the perfect soldier specimen had also been created. With artificial intelligence there were no boundaries as society would be reshaped, redesigned and retaught with technological advancements unlike anything the world had ever known. Government and military shared world domination, and had finally achieved the ultimate global command, with unlimited power and resources to annihilate any forces of war.

The nuclear horizon had been realized,  although Earth would never again thrive as it once did . . . Mankind had been replaced by automation, humanity had been replaced by robotized machines with human-like gestures, their capacity for feeling or empathy replaced by programmed brain chips, spirited social interaction and conversation had been replaced by monotone voice sounders that responded to the commands and codes of an ever updating AI system.  Human critical thinking, the very core of awareness and perspective, capacity, learning and understanding — all once being the thread that joined society in unity for the greater good — would then forever echo along the halls of education and science.

AI was indeed everywhere, whether it be education, science and technology, to medicine and healthcare, manufacturing and production, military or government — with it also brought the criminal element to a new level of hyper-tech crime that would unleash itself in pace with the growing new world order — automation would reach around the world to hopefully join all cultures with shared advancements to the future and beyond . . . 

To the next horizon.

End ~


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