“Society & The Automated Future”

Society had been numbed into semi-consciousness as the capacity for learning and empathy for understanding became buried under a hardened crust of decay that had grown over them, quietly accepting the loss of human social interaction and abandoning critical thinking. The digital age had infiltrated their lives — allowing themselves to be targeted, reshaped and programmed by a system that viewed their very earthly presence solely as a collective commodity to be monitored and surveilled for the purpose of buying and selling human behavior to the corporate structure —  thereby reformatting society for the automated future. Society had given away their personal individuality, essentially they had become perfect specimens . . .

For technology and artificial intelligence it would be the beginning of a new horizon, going beyond the limitations of human error and the human capacity to understand, retain and maintain information. However for the already crumbling society, it would mean the end of personal human existence and the end of individual critical thinking.

Society hadn’t really absorbed much about an automated future and in fact didn’t take any of it seriously — humored by the suggestion that machines could one day take their place among the human population — as they went on about living their  “routine and out of touch with reality” daily lives in “blissful” suburbia. Their shallow capacity to acknowledge an automated future, assured them that humans were the  superior being — with the same acquired amount of education as the previous generation — repeating their non-distinct lives in the same ill-fated cycle as those before them. 

The information had been available to them, however their ability to focus with critical thinking and clear perspective had been abandoned as they sunk into a dismal state of euphoric semi-awareness, unable to distinguish deception from actuality. There was subliminal targeted marketing while the polluted media struggled for authenticity and transparency. 

The very thought of a new social order had been considered to be only in the minds of sci-fi enthusiast’s, modern age thinkers, or believers of the alien presence and those outcast by the mainstream agenda. All of which had been regarded  only as pure folly and ideally illogical, allowing themselves to be much more “available” for the collection of metadata, social media behavior and political targeting, thereby providing the perfect specimen for the masked corporate entities that were monitoring their daily lives for profit, as well as opening up an equally profitable gateway for cyber-crime and identity theft.

Society’s options of choice had expired and their collective presence would then have to unite with automation — humans interacting with and co-existing  with  AI machines and robots — the presence of those who would choose not to educate themselves and resist the evolving future, would then be reduced to whatever non-essential manual labor positions left behind that did not fit into the automated future. 

A new social ladder was being developed . . . the new world order.

End ~


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