“The Clock Tower”

The clock tower at the center of town had stood for generations and was the only piece of history to be left in place while others had been demolished to allow the modern structures to be built all around ~ the future had arrived. But for the clock tower and its contents, time had been suspended right there within, the walls were lined with books and large paintings of ships at sea, land and air battles, that were hung in place along with dignitaries of the era. All could be viewed from the  winding spiral stairway that led to the top and to the observation floor, the large map table that had been used to strategize many wars was still in place.  But with its history also came the mysteries of stories untold and the lives lost. There was a presence about the clock tower that had always been honored and respected as the guardian protector of the ever growing city. This wasn’t just any clock tower however, it was the most sought out point of contact for interplanetary observation, communication, and time travel. The clock tower had been named “Transcendence” because of its long standing history and interplanetary connection.

Modern age forecasters and deep space theorists — known as the “new world assembly” — would come to join together in their quest for knowledge and understanding of what was to be, and to find direction into the next horizon. They had been monitored and selected for the departure — based upon their brain-wave structure and neuron compatibility —  each had their own individual implanted x-chip, located between their eyes and just behind the bridge of their nose, identifying them as assembly members. Laying out interplanetary maps and structural plans for their spaceships and time travel pods, the clock tower was the beacon of hope toward a new future,  when the time would come to abandon their earthly presence. However until that time, they would also unite together to protect the clock tower from the younger hostile generation — referred to as simply the “squids” —  who had no appreciation of what the clock tower meant and sought only to destroy it. Their shallow sense of self-entitlement and lack of critical thinking had earned them their name. Those who were not part of either class would  be left to the mercy of their leaders to guide them on to their blinded fate. 

The very presence of the clock tower itself had threatened the stability of the squids, causing them to fight among themselves and as time went on, the assembly grew strong while the squids went elsewhere looking for other battles. Survival into the future had once depended upon the younger generation to see mankind through to the next horizon, but they would soon self-destruct within themselves, interrupting the generational evolvement of mankind.  

It was on the “eve of the eights” when the time had come to gather at the clock tower for their mass departure into the new world horizon, with the clock striking eight on the eighth day, the eighth month and the eighth year. The synchronized time would set off a chain of events that would release the stored power of the clock tower yet to be realized. As the starships hovered overhead, the large paintings that were hung inside its walls would come crashing down to reveal  messages that were graphed in the brick and stone structure. Messages in code to be deciphered only at that time by the new world assembly, information they would use and share during the new world colonization.

From the starships the shuttle crafts would deploy down to the awaiting new world assembly and ascend them back up and to the loading platforms for their x-chips to be scanned through at the entry ports. The extraordinary movements of such a large population implanted with x-chips, combined with the presence of the starships overhead, had created an overload of electrical currents that interrupted the earth’s orbital memory, freezing earth in darkness at the far side away from the sun. Aboard the starships, the eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty eight assembly members would witness the blinding white light surrounding the clock tower, sending more information above to the starships command. As the distance increased with the departure,  the city would go black and the intense light from the clock tower would also fade to black as the city would then fall silent. 

In the darkness of their abandoned world, earthly presence would be reduced to daily battles for survival, food and shelter, as war for power would continue to rage on, eventually destroying the planet. The remaining population would exist in total darkness, forming factions within themselves in the name of survival, some would serve to protect the weak and the sick, while others would steal and kill to get through each night. Critical thinking had been lost to desperation while humanity had been lost to the survival order of command — the strong taking over at the top of the social ladder —  leaving the rest to scavenge for survival. Ultimately, food and supplies would run out and unless they could come together for the common good, they would be doomed. The recovery of mankind to redevelop and rebuild would depend on their collective unity as a humanitarian society. 

There would be no direction, no promise, no light. 

It would be the apocalypse . . .

End ~


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