“Hoax” ~ Hidden Agenda ~

When the target areas were in the early stages of being sealed off from the mainstream population — the threat had seemed real enough — however as the months went by, more and more questions were being raised from those within whose unanswered inquiries began to unravel the whole idea of mass shut-ins as a hoax being played out upon a society that wasn’t thought of much as critical thinkers. The plan all along had been to prevent people from any social interaction — more directly though — to keep them from talking among themselves because that’s where shared critical thinking would analyze and separate the deception from actuality, thereby gaining strength and unity to the already divided population. The entire operation was presumed a hoax by the general consensus in order to conceal and maintain a corporate or political hidden agenda, most likely both. However there were those that would choose not to question, and it would be those silent followers upon whom the officials would rely upon to sway the rest of the population into submission, playing right into their political agenda with the upcoming election approaching.  As for the growing resistance among the rest of the population, military presence would be deployed to keep them contained if need be to prevent a mass political uprising. The whole operation just didn’t add up logically, there were too many unanswered questions and too many people were not wanting to discuss it for fear of being singled out and persecuted by a society that had become explosive within itself, casting judgement and ridicule among themselves, thereby allowing the division of society even more so.

The fatalities were also disputed, because of the conflicting reports and percentages that were in question, false number totals along with the corporate news media struggling for transparency and authenticity. The population had been shrouded within the veil of political and corporate deception, the hidden agenda had blinded the officials with a false sense of confidence, to a point where they believed society wouldn’t be smart enough or aware enough to see through the murky haze of their bureaucratic rhetoric and propaganda.

The internet would be the next to  be monitored and censored, because that was all that society had left among themselves — it was also the only form of communication and shared critical thinking that had remained free from bureaucratic meddling — to regulate the internet for profit and control. Although it would prove to be an impossibility to silence or regulate however, due to the aging elected officials with their archaic ideology, who would be no match for the tech-savvy underground layer of internet sleuths, where truth seekers and criminals alike would join in web-factions to intercept and disclose information being withheld from from the population. This is where the shared critical thinking would evolve its power and threaten the long standing reign of a secret society and the deep state that had always maintained and controlled the structure of elected officials and their agenda. This is where the real battle would be played out.

To disconnect from the mainstream would be a freedom, that not everyone would  be capable of, or enjoy doing. To unplug from the mainstream propaganda and thereby exercising individualism, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Keeping the population sequestered and divided was how the system would fight back, all in the name of power. Division of the population would also give the system power to control how society would function, their behavior and political awareness, ultimately to restructure and reshape the population, preparing them for the new political arena, incessant for power and control. Having a society capable of critical thinking, shared knowledge and grounded in faith — be it spiritual or holy — was not what the elected officials, secret society, or the deep state wanted. Closing church services and disrupting the cash flow to ultimately end all cash transactions was already in place, further snaring people into having a digital track record to be monitored, collected and stored for the purpose of mass surveillance. Corporate entities and chains would gain power and prosper while the smaller locally owned businesses — that couldn’t survive the mass shut-ins and the regulations that would follow —  would be financially starved out, cut off and forced to close. To be off the grid would mean to be untraceable, untrackable, to be invisible — at least from a digital standpoint — since there were no more paper files being kept or even being made available. Anything that had been pre-internet was no longer in any recorded files, giving those above a certain age group a distinct advantage to being off the grid. Suggesting to the simple minded younger generation — whose very lives played out across the internet daily, literally offering themselves up easily enough for the bulk collection of their metadata and mass surveillance — that anything pre-internet was beyond their ability to comprehend, and therefore were left with a void inside, with no capacity to understand the meaning of their very own physical existence.  

Staging the hoax and mandating mass shut-ins, would prove only to divide society and disrupt civility, creating conflict, confusion and the abandonment of humanity. There was talk of a next wave that would be more disastrous, and considerably with the same or much worse outcome. Individual expression, social interaction, human compassion and freedom of speech would all be suppressed, censored and regulated. Freedom of the press would be greatly impacted as mainstream reported news would continue to struggle for clarity and validation amid deception, censorship and the bureaucratic agenda. It would take the combined efforts of independent journalists who would take action with the disclosure of uncovered and hidden information designed to keep the population from knowing the secret maneuvers being undertaken while global power deals were being made. The act of war would be imminent and threaten mankind as world leaders would jockey for global power.

The hoax and the hidden agenda going on underneath it would eventually be disclosed amid the resignation of key officials, in an attempt to avoid being held accountable. However it did result in keeping the population from sharing any amount of critical thinking that could unify them with the awareness and perspective to instill a direction to an already lost society.

End ~


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