“Octagon” ~ AI Global Authority ~

The command power structure, known as the Octagon, stood supremely at the very center of the country, an architectural masterpiece made of iridescent bullet proof acrylic and metal, that towered eight hundred feet into the sky. It was operated exclusively by AI Global Authority. The small staff of humans — reformatted as cyborgs — were enlisted as maintenance, performing manual duties, sanitation and construction. It was considered to be one of the better jobs available for cyborg assignments, and was part of the New World Order. AI had manifested itself totally into society and government, the military and space exploration.  

Each new day brought with it a stark reminder of the devastation that occurred after the fallout, it was a biological mutation that had been specifically engineered and developed for bio-genetic warfare, to be implemented for global destruction, erasing all human, animal and plant life. The mutation had been developed into a mist, collected and stored into drones for launch and distribution over the population, contaminating the atmosphere and destroying Earth’s orbital memory, freezing in its path in front of the Sun, creating extreme heat and burning sunlight to half of the Earth while leaving the other side in cold total darkness. 

Human life had been fatally compromised in exchange for AI Global Authority and the New World Order, with the Octagon as their command power structure. Housing within its eight hundred floors, global powers of government, military and space exploration. Surviving humans that were strong enough had been selectively saved from their death by undergoing surgical insertion of AI components that were either fitted into their brains where the spine attaches, or at the base of the spine. Both methods would then control the central nervous system, but the brain component would add the benefit of sensory motor skills reserved for younger members who were considered better candidates for developmental programming than the older others and thereby allowing them to work more directly with the AI units and be enlisted to accompany them on board their interplanetary space travel missions. The brain component also served a higher level of consciousness and learning, without the added clutter of critical thinking or political awareness, while the older ones who had only the lower spinal attachment, would be aware of critical thinking and political awareness, could do nothing to act upon their derailed thoughts or actions. Both sets of what was left of the human population that had been saved as cyborgs, were known as Lab-XA and Lab- XB, and collectively referred to as Labs. Descendants of a society that once was distracted and eventually taken over by their cell phones and other net-devices — as they would then walk along with their heads down, consumed by their handheld bundles of mass surveillance and subliminal digital reprogramming — ultimately had devices embedded inside them, the New World Order had arrived, ruled by AI Global Authority. 

As bizarre as this would seem to be in the previous generation, all signs leading to the New World Order were there, but had been casually dismissed while all the while their entire lives were being tracked, collected and programmed to create a new governing body — AI Global Authority — free of any political party, free of any cash form, and free of any critical thinking, religious belief or affiliations. A totally submissive, sterile, distant society had been created that had no capacity to stand for a cause together or to question any agenda. They had become ultimately, perfect specimens for the New World Order.

There wasn’t much to wage war over, having the Octagon and its power structure on the Sun side of Earth, leaving the dark side nearly annihilated with only a mutant life form barely capable of survival. However the threat of an uprising population would always exist, regardless of the power structure, therefore staging the Octagon to be challenged eventually by sub-human mutants with bio-genetic genomes, their known capabilities yet to be discovered.

End ~


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