“X-Vac” ~ Indoctrination ~

The masses would go about their daily routines — all in their predictive forms — while immersed in the handheld devices that would keep them distracted and unassuming from the reality of the global siege that had been developing around them. The indoctrination included a menu for social distancing, minimizing contact, censoring and monitoring social media, and attempting to gag the press. This staged the platform for truth and transparency set forth by independent and free press, who had refused to be gagged into suppression . . . The X-Vac would follow in the coming months, way ahead of the normal scheduled procedures and patent legalities that take several years to test and finalize, making way for the highly touted global vaccine . . . Having been proclaimed to be the cure-all for the survival of mankind.

The disbursement would be a success only if everyone were to be vaccinated, and there were no more mutations of the foreign substance. If the substance were to mutate again it could have a devastating impact on the population with fatal effects unknown, that would remain yet to be discovered. This was the lure — the snare —  to get the X-Vac disbursed into the population . . . An elaborate hoax for global indoctrination, management, and to establish world order.

Contracted inside the hidden under-layer network of operations that controlled the mainstream system of government, the military and political agenda, loosely referred to as the “Authority” or “ATY”, they had no physical permanent address or official headquarters, but a mobile networking system that allowed them to spider out globally with the freedom to move specific agents wherever they needed them to be, and to remain in contact by way of their own underground encrypted web-net known as the “Frequency” or “FQ”. Cellular relay was based on their own underground known as the “Channel” or “CHL”, using contact numbers with special tones, and keypad symbols in combinations of eight to eighteen.

The believed airborne mutation had been created in a biological laboratory, and was no accident, with the intent being to minimize global population by separating the meek from the defiant, the youth from the older mature thinkers, and to create a more manageable society, a world order that would be ruled by the union of foreign and domestic partners — the global power that had been formed over the last fifty years through inherent family rites of passage had evolved — ready to act with a biological attack upon the population. The madness had been created with the incessant battle for nuclear power, control and domination by delusional individuals seeking their own seat in the office of global command. The nuclear arms race had been compromised with a check-mate stand-off situation as every known world power had enough weaponry for mass destruction, creating a segue using biological warfare that had become the new frontier for global power.

The digital revolution had provided the mass surveillance needed for tracking and the bulk collection of metadata, also allowing the testing of a pilot program to indoctrinate the population into a manageable society designed for world order. There were many key individuals in power that had joined with others in military and tech positions who were involved in the mass hoaxing of the population, that the mainstream society had become overwhelmed with conflicting and misleading information, having lost faith in a corrupt and raging system that viewed their existence simply as commodities that were to be bought and sold in exchange for profit and power. Society would withdraw deeper into their hand held censored devices for truth, providing the distraction needed while the global powers fought for the supreme seat of global command. Society had allowed themselves to become the perfect specimens for the global experiment, aimlessly following right into the hands of government and corporate leaders with their deranged hoax of the population, while their future survival had been played out like a global game of chess.

World leaders had been trying for decades to manage the population into a world order, having tried other means in the past to collect and store data,  but it wasn’t until the dawn of the internet and the digital age, that it had finally become possible. With the addition of targeted marketing, subliminal programming, edited and censored news, the illusive seat for global command became the primary focus of each incoming political agenda. It had been accomplished easier than what was expected, to diminish human interaction, diffuse critical thinking and power in unity, and to separate the population from within, thereby creating masses of manageable specimens incapable of individual thought and creativity. Finally, abolishing monetary value and currency, to depend entirely upon credits or markers — digitally tracked and monitored for social ranking or society level placement — indoctrinating society into  a manageable world order.

After the global indoctrination, the X-Vac would be ready for the masses. Leaving the population desensitized and polarized, void of objective and perspective. A society no longer capable of critical thinking, to stand united for a cause. 

The X-Vac would radically manage and ultimately immobilize the population, separating the meek from the defiant, and the young from the elder, effectively polarizing mankind. 

End ~


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