“Contamination” ~ Aftermath, Survival & Regeneration ~

Contamination released into the air was the result from the invasion, causing panic, fear, and hysteria. A lab based menu for destruction and global power that had been released into Earth’s atmosphere from a foreign laboratory, and manifested into human hosts, where it then multiplied across the seas onto American soil. No one seemed to know the real origin or location, although scientists had discovered it to be a man-made viral toxic substance, believing that it was in an experimental stage, and was developed for global warfare. It wasn’t until they started to figure it all out, and put the pieces together, that they came up with a better understanding of how the population had been betrayed, deceived, and their lives dismantled into segregation.

There were eighty-eight towers that had been built at the center of the country, formed around into a large circle, eight hundred feet apart, they were under construction prior to the devastation, and designed to house those that would survive after the fallout. The towers were massive structures built of concrete and steel, rising above the aftermath each with eight-hundred eighty-eight levels, the first eight levels were used for consumer trade, food, clothing, and medical services. Each level then above the eighth level housing having eighty-eight pod-like living quarters. Deep into the ground were eight more descending lower levels, the first four were used for maintenance, housing plumbing, electrical, water, heat & air-conditioning. The deepest, lower four levels below was where the segregation would begin with the poor social class and the worst of the mutants, while the rest of the towers would house all other social classes according to their status. The upper social class held residency in the most higher levels, the farthest away from the contamination, and the middle working class would be housed in what was known as the ‘midway’ — the mid-levels descending downward based upon social status — down to the eighth level, just above the consumer trade level.

Dar was fortunate to have a place at the tower, signing up before the contamination had reserved him quarters there — that was of course, based upon his survival from the fallout — after being examined by the medical staff for any mutations, and he was then assigned to the midway. If a mutation were to show up later on, he would have to be examined again, and then would be reassigned to others quarters down in the lower levels based upon his functional ability to contribute to the tower community.

Dense reddish to brown haze filled the air, it was most concentrated at the ground level, rising upwards several hundreds of feet above, eventually clearing somewhat the farthest away from Earth’s surface. The higher levels which housed the upper social class, were considered safer then those below them. Their view was limited by the fact that they could not see the ground below them, only the thick murky haze hovering over the barren landscape. The higher levels also had balconies, with eight foot high retaining walls that were eight feet out from the tower walls, with rectangular cutouts in the concrete structure that were eight inches tall and four inches wide, those residents were allowed outside only for brief periods, and only wearing a protective breathing apparatus. Inside, the towers were equipped with climate control, pumping fresh man made oxygen throughout, even down to the lowest levels. The towers rose up from the dense haze like fingers protruding through a pie, with its murky damp residue clinging to the exterior, oozing downward, much in the way pie filling would ooze down off ones fingers.

The atmosphere was bleak and filled only with a heavy silence as residents carried on with their indoor daily activities as best they could, and for some, life really hadn’t changed much since they had been preparing for the apocalyptic future for years. They had been forewarned of the imminent foreign siege for years while the towers were under construction, with most registering early for their quarters in the towers, yet others scoffed at the idea with their dismissal of the threat. There hadn’t been much hope for the population either when the real agenda was disclosed to them, and they realized then that they would be on their own to survive, relying on each individual to bring forth their own individual skills in hopes of rebuilding, regenerating, or at best . . . survival . . .

Dar was also fortunate enough to have a job too, although not for money, but rather for the work credits that would go toward food, medical, and rent. The monetary system had long since been abolished, the only ones who still had cash were the upper social class who held their residency high above the shroud of death that had settled over those below them. They were forming a new governing body, while the social ladder organized itself downward. Dar’s job was to don the protective headgear with attached breathing apparatus, and a one piece protective zip-suit, go out into the biohazard areas and look for mutant remains. Using lamps attached to the headgear, he would locate, collect and transport the bodies to the landfill, located at an area outside of the tower circle, using a front loader tractor, and then return back to the towers for medical examination and cleansing.

Along the way, he would pass by the launch area, where the X-88 Spacecraft would blast off to Mars on routine missions, carrying qualified passengers to the new world colony. There they would join with others where they would remain as specimens for cloning and regeneration of the population. Afterward, they would be assigned to the darkened, cold, isolated side of Mars with the rest of the earthlings where they would be injected with a deep-sleep serum, then placed in underground sleeping pods until only the ones with the best hereditary genes would be selected and called upon again for more cloning to regenerate the forming of a more perfect society on Mars.

While they were still inferior to the AI-Bots, the specimens genes were needed to make the Bots more human-like. The best ones were indistinguishable from human form, the only differences being that they had a body temperature of zero, and their eyes did not dilate. Some would then go on to be used as warriors, and others would be used in construction and landscaping. The remaining specimens would then be used as doctors and scientists, while others would be used for computer and tech maintenance. There would be no politicians, and no agendas. Finally, the ones with the purest of genomes would form the ruling elite, and reproduce.

This would be the normal structure of life between Earth, and Mars, as the tower residents knew it to be, living with the contamination . . . It was the aftermath . . . It was survival . . . It would be the regeneration, where mankind would evolve again.

The Mars population however, would carry on only in the capacity to exist in harmony with the AI-Bots, to maintain, service, and communicate with them . . .

Humans would then continue to evolve on Mars as a sub-species.

End ~

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