Amid the confusion, protests, and change in political seats, the controversial vaccine was made available and the population would be under order to receive it. The fact that the screening for it involved a procedure that ran a long stem instrument up through the nose, penetrating the brain, was known to have included the insertion of a chip — a micro sized component with behavioral and tracking sensors — although it was not known that this was the way people would be controlled and tracked, cell phones would then no longer be needed for tracking, marketing, and behavioral analytics. Individuals could then be controlled specifically, according to a program contained within the micro-chip, where they would be monitored, and updated from the one of the main-frame structures located in the towers high above what was left of the decaying cities below. The timing was an essential part of the agenda, with the newly seated ones having already been selected, and paid, the vaccines were then made quickly ready for distribution, bypassing all regulations and testing that had been used in previous years.

Artificial Intelligence — AI — was already in place, and the extraction of human genomes from the vaccinated ones would add to the human-like characteristics of the AI Robots — known as AI-Bots, or Bots — creating a nearly indistinguishable copy. The only difference would be that the AI Bots had a body temperature of zero, and their eyes did not dilate. The end result beyond that would be the creation of a sub-species, one that would exist in harmony with the Bots . . . those were the vaccinated ones, known as V’s. It was all part of the plan put into place by a secret society that once ruled the globe, at a time before computer-tech, before social media, higher learning, and AI. The secret society took on a new level of their ruling invasion into people’s privacy, one that had the power to destroy the specimens if needed, they had a sub-species, the V’s, and they could be programmed to self destruct. The Bots however, proved to be indestructible due to the harvesting of human genomes, and the hybrid breeding with AI. Their onboard systems could manifest the genomes, multiply or mutate them within themselves or other Bots to form other beings outside of the labs, and bio-tech farms. They would be their own entity, and void of control or direction . . . Something that hadn’t been thought of during their creation.

Leading up to the vaccine, the bio-virus had engulfed the world, destroying nearly every living being, plants, animals, and humans. Any survivors of the fallout were left as mutants, who after being fitted with tech-hardware at the base of their skull, or at the base of their spines — controlling the central nervous system, and brain — Cyborgs were created, known as Borgs. This was something else also that hadn’t been foreseen during the development of the virus . . . This was the aftermath from the man-made computer-generated bio-virus, thereby creating a segue to the regeneration, the mutation, the hybrid genomes and AI, the forming of a new social ladder.

The struggle for global nuclear power had reached its final stages when all ruling elites had amassed enormous amounts of nuclear weaponry, due to the selling those weapons of mass destruction to foreign powers, with the end result being that all sides of the world had acquired equal amounts of nuclear arms . . . Finally, a stalemate situation — in their on-going game of global chess — freezing anymore “moves”, therefore a checkmate. From that point, a new ruling order would be necessary to reign as supreme over the rest of the world, and thus, bio-warfare became the new frontier in global power. Growing out of control rapidly with the global spread of the bio-virus, the need for the vaccine to be developed then became urgent, and because of that urgency, all standing regulations for discovery, trials, and testing, were bypassed in order to neutralize the virus.

Not having the knowledge of completely understanding it’s complex nature, hybrid-mutation, and aftermath, the seated ones hastily began the cover-up, the lies, and deception that had been conveyed to the world. Their efforts however, would be thwarted by journalists, writers, and other investigative individuals, who revealed the mass deception through disclosure, and obvious evidence of corruption, collusion, and conspiracy. Creating another level of disruption, as the population reacted with violence, and outright contempt for those seated ones in their plush ruling offices, who had deceived them. They had underestimated their total reign over the people, proving them to be unpredictable, and uncontrollable. Yet again, something else that hadn’t been thought of while in their madness for global supremacy.

Civil disobedience had also taken itself to a new level, and the term seemed meek, and mild, as the real battle was just getting started.

End ~

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