“Into The Void”

Never forget that it ours to question, to know, and to understand the reasoning. A justifiable quest that will always be deserving and demanding of answers. To withhold, hide, or deceive through distraction or deception, then offers the right to pursue, out-maneuver , and disclose by whatever means necessary to obtain any value of transparency. It is insulting to think such measures would, or could, be accepted by an ever advancing society whose capacity to learn goes beyond the boundaries of academia. While there are those however who will be easily duped, only to comply and follow along suitably, there are also greater numbers of individuals growing everyday who already know something is terribly wrong. Here is where the division begins to pollute the blackened haze that surrounds the truth like a charred veil of uncertainty and death.

With censorship that abounds, and dirty money being funneled into corporate suites that are in bed with the governing elite, confusion also pollutes any sense of understanding, adding to the growing division, while the rungs of the social ladder crumble under panic and hysteria. Separating the elusive truth from illusion becomes futile, while integrity and humanity fade into the darkness of the unknown.

The wisdom of science and education have been muted while campaigns continue in pace with the agenda, the working poor continue to struggle in a system that has silenced their pleas, their identities buried, and their stories untold.

In the insanity of it all, we will learn more about ourselves than we ever were aware of, we will also learn more about others as well. What we never thought that we could do, and, realizing more or less in others than we knew, creating isolation and intolerance, while fear grips our very being. It has always been the fear of the unknown that holds us captive.

The greatest battle ever to be known will announce it’self as faith and fate collide, spilling out the wrath worldwide. Hope and peace will vanish amid the fire and rumbling lands as the death dancers celebrate the end days, it is imminent as society leans into the void . . .

Souls will meet their death as they pass downward to into hell’s inferno, while other souls shall be lifted upward into the heavens light, passing onto peaceful eternity . . .

End ~


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