“New Social Order”

It was during the time that the plague was at its highest level, the quarantine wasn’t working, and a military presence to enforce the lock-down had been deployed from the executive command. Chaos erupted daily in protest, forcing duty actions by whatever means necessary to contain and maintain control in what had become literally a war zone. The need for survival had turned to desperation when news of the real agenda became known to the people, and had fueled the driving force among them, driving them mad, pushing them far beyond the limits of rationality and reason. Even though radio and television broadcasts had been shut down along with the internet, news of the next convoy loaded with the mysterious vaccine still leaked out, intensifying their demands for transparency as aggression among the people grew out of control . . .

No match for the aging ruling elite, who needed something over them that would re-gain social control and behavior management.

It was confirmed however, that there had been an intentional man-made mutation created in one of the bio-med labs that developed the vaccine, contaminating the substance with bio-gen brain cells, capable of dominating and mutating human brain cells, re-structuring thought, memory, and motor function. All of this was part of the governing elites time-table, during the construction of the 5G cell towers ~ which did in fact interrupt human brain activity and learning capacity ~ the tainted vaccines were developed to manage human conformity for the new frontier of academia and social management, needed to survive into the beyond.

Society had become ablaze with fury, confusion, and contempt for the ruling elite, herding people into quarantine and dividing them into newly titled social blocks after obtaining their genetic makeup from the early nose swab testing program. The swabs had contained micro-chips that penetrated the brain, enabling the tracking and study of their genome structure, which then provided the information needed to divide the people into social levels based upon their genetic profile, learning capabilities, brain cell capacity, and behavioral patterns . . . a new social order.

Receiving the vaccine injection would stabilize their lives and ensure survival, the trade off however would be the reprogramming of the people to function as a productive society within the 5G timeline, and ultimately, be designated commodities for the new social order . . . With the restructuring of the societal social ladder, targeted marketing could then be directed more specifically with a no-fail accuracy, and finally, the corporate profit margins would soar off the charts. As with every catastrophic event throughout the lands, the economic system must break, followed by a term rebound, in order to reset the monetary value for the corporate elite and to increase their profit margins.

One event in history that had documented an on going system of breaking the economy, was the “Great Depression” (1929), and had continued since then, but during present times, the use of digital-tech (with its rapid growth and advances) generated even greater influence on society. The plague, with the testing and micro-chip tracking, the simultaneous deployment of the 5G cell towers and the vaccine, being among the first examples, resulting with the behavioral model needed to establish a new social order.

In the end, the people were not be able to recognize that anything within them had changed, however they were profoundly different from the non-vaccinated. Their learning capacity and brain cell function were supreme, however their social behavior was limited by design ~ with restrictions in place to interrupt human interaction ~ the focus being on AI interaction and digital engagement. The distinction would would prove to be the defining difference between apocalyptic survival and certain death, between a decayed implosive world set to self-destruct, and its evolvement into the new world horizon . . .

The new social order . . .

End ~

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