“The Grand Plan”

It came to be after a viral mutation had been developed to resist treatment and any known vaccine, that the final stage would then be generated. The development of the XG Cell Towers had accomplished the effect needed before deploying the defining component of the grand plan. That being a black-out lockdown throughout the lands, allowing digital engagement only through the selected frequencies that had been assigned to each social order. Only those who were contracted through the ruling corporate elite were allowed to work in the bio-labs or metro transit system for food and medical credits toward bonus vouchers that would allow them better access to medical treatment and food allotments, shared only with their families. While others worked in food dispensary’s and care units as assistants to the AI robots. The frequency, or “X-Band” assigned to the social orders designated with whom you could communicate with, so as to keep everyone within their own social class, or band.

Society made the transition easily enough, due to the disconnect within from their own social discord already broken down going into the grand plan, their crumbling societal structure fell right onto the laps of the ruling corporate elite. They were shallow minded, unable to communicate, and their incessant fondness of material possessions allowed for successful targeted marketing, the X-Band assignments, corporate control of the internet, and ultimately, the new social order.

Society didn’t seem to mind at all, because they had direction, no longer had to think for themselves, and also no longer would they need to share critical thinking among themselves, the ruling corporate elite could do all of that for them. The signs had been there all along, the subliminal messages and visuals seamed into children’s cartoons, with scripted fake news and movie makers planting the very seeds of destruction and global dominance. All the while, society had already lost their identity and purpose, were socially disconnected, and not concerned about their future. Their blurred reality of human existence had become webbed into an internet world void of discretion, empathy, and hope. Society had been duped, deceived, and manipulated at the hands of the ruling corporate elite, they were easily led to the noose, bought and sold like commodities, segregated and gagged, giving away their identity and personal information with every credit card swipe, every social profile, and every keystroke.

The digital age had been laid over society like a warm comforting blanket, and would veil them in the shroud of a grand plan, the illusionary world of the internet, programming society, and the way they would interact among themselves. As with all marvels of change developed to engage the future, academia, and world affairs, the ruling corporate elite must intervene in order to break-in and break-up existing start-ups to prevent a monopoly from which they would have no control or monetary gain from.

The final chapter ends with the harmony of a failed society seized by the ruling corporate elite where power, money, and social order is what human existence is measured by. Where society is educated just enough not to understand or even concern themselves about a system for which they have no control over.

End ~

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