“Red River” ~ Twilight Into Obscurity ~

There was no way that anyone could ever know just when the end time would be upon them, but as the darkness of night fell, so it was that some of the chosen ones had already begun to notice the signs of the final twilight. The first was the absence of the stars against the dense pure black sky, void from any perception of depth or distance. They knew from this that there would be no dawn to follow in the morning . . . How could they know when morning would be anyway (?) They could not even see their hands in front of them, nor their neighbors standing next to them. The full moon that slowly emerged from within the darkness ~ normally reflecting brightly down upon them ~ was dimly red, casting a red hue over the lands. By then, the people had begun to gather, some holding oil lanterns that too had the red tones burning within the flames, creating a breathtaking scene of twilight ~ if only the scene evolving were a photograph or a painting ~ as the cadence of the death dancers echoed from within the hills, unveiling the reality of what had finally come to be . . . The people were aware, and as more gathered, some would carry makeshift torches made from whatever they could round up, adding to the intensity of the red glow. None tried to run ~ where would they go anyway (?) ~ they stood silently together, offering no resistance ~ how could they resist what they could not see (?) ~ Torches lit up from the hills to reveal the shadows of ritual rhythms, the end time had begun, there would be no tomorrow . . .

As the moon rose overhead, silhouettes across the landscape began to appear, reflecting the red river rising ~ rising ~ the death dancers cadence grew louder as they too had come out of the hills to gather in celebration, for it was their time. From as far as anyone could make out, more and more lanterns and torches in the distance glowed red under the blood moon, as the river ran over its banks and flowed over the lands. It wouldn’t be much longer before the red river would engulf the lands, taking with it everything or any being thereof . . . Although they remained in silence, holding their flames high, it was ceremonious and calm, the only sounds to be heard were the crackling of the torches and the sounds of flowing water drawing nearer to them. This is what they had waited for in preparation for the primal gathering in ceremony of their existence and deliverance, allowing themselves to be taken up within the rising red river, as each lantern and torch would then fade to black, and ultimately, into the abyss.

What would lie beyond would never be known, as another vanished state of being would join the other planets in the solar system, waiting for discovery by future time travelers and space dwellers.


Had there been other inhabitants elsewhere in the universe (?) Perhaps other civilizations (?) What was the time-table for their end time (?) Had their end been foretold (?)

Between science, fate, and faith, is where the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity hold the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here, and where we are going, but to understand how we got here . . .

End ~

#endtime #twilight #ritual #rhythms #deathdancers #cadence #primal #ceremony #existence #deliverance #abyss #timetable #universe #fortold #science #faith #fate #elusive #secrets #footnotes #dailywrites #shortstories #fictionshorts #kentxsandersxwriter.com

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