“Conscious Awareness”

Between science, fate, and faith, is where the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity hold the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here, and where we are going, but to understand how we got here.

Is it the trust in science, the acceptance of fate, or the sacred belief in faith that assures our assumed reality (?) our conscious awareness (?) our very state of being (?) . . . Perception of our assumed reality is open to interpretation, even logic can fade when reality is challenged by going beyond accepted academia to other other conscious states of being, where logic is relative to that which one has within to elevate themselves ~ individual conscious state of awareness ~ and is exclusive to each framework of individual capability.

Considered to be an illusionary fixation out of touch with reality and the so called real world, conscious awareness challenges trusted formulas, sacred beliefs, and accepted thinking. It rewards with an elevated state of mind, stay of peace within, and the euphoric sense of sanctity of that which may be currently happening can be shielded from the kind of effects that have no goodwill. In other words, to menu that which is of goodwill, that which can be changed, and the conscious authority to know that which cannot be changed or excluded from the menu.

Not everyone is capable of excluding that which does not improve their conscious awareness, and it is that, that will destroy them from within, tending to that which is not their own and does nothing to improve conscious awareness because then the mind is distracted, overloaded, consumed, and “self” is then lost. The individual importance of conscious awareness is great because it provides cleansing from a polluted, destructive environment, and provides the peace, and clarity of mind for individual adaptive recourse. Conscious awareness cannot be learned, it is from within, and is what makes its framework unique and adaptable for each individual that is capable.

While humans are generically studied, and marketed collectively as one body or as a cross-section of demographic profiles, it is those individuals that are elevated that cannot be fully understood because they are in changing states of adaptive conscious awareness. They can however conform somewhat to blend in to the mainstream, where they can maintain a balance and remain elusive to the effects of a decaying environment and political agenda.

Ultimately, the greatest battle lies within, not to be fought over territory, but at the crossroads of assumed reality and conscious awareness, for it will be there that the trust in science, the sacred belief in faith, and assumed reality will erupt with fury, contempt, and anguish when faith and fate collide in the greatest battle ever to be known . . .

End ~

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