“X-Camp” ~ New World Order ~

Beyond the city limits a site had been established to hold those who had refused the nasal swab testing and vaccine treatment mandated by the new world order, known simply as the “X-Camp”, it was filled with tents of all shapes and sizes, along with makeshift shelters made from whatever materials could be gathered. Sealed off from the city and the world behind an eight feet high concrete barrier wall eight inches thick, their only view would come from the small eight inch square cutouts spaced at eight feet apart and about four feet high. The non-vaccinated ones tented inside the sprawling camp were known as the “X-Vacs”, they were considered to be rogue free-thinkers and non-productive to the future of society. The projected image of them however was not true, and in fact quite the opposite for they had developed their own system of community and goodwill among themselves. Bartering and trading for goods or services had been implemented since there was no monetary system to divide them socially or by status, they were all equals, recognizing only individual skills and contributions for the prosperity of the camp. As with all social groupings of society throughout history there has always been the outlaw band, the free-will fringe of critical thinkers and doers that would get out from the camp mostly at night to scavenge the darkened alley ways of the city for anything useful to bring back to the “X-Camp”. These were their soldiers, providing the camp with food, clothing, and materials for shelter, etc. So it was that both the city and the camp would and could co-exist within the new world order.

With the original nose swab testing at the onset of the outbreak ~ a planned operation for new world recruitment ~ is where the stem-cell micro-chip had been inserted deep into the nasal cavity, penetrating the frontal lobe at the base of the brain. It was done quickly and without hesitation, causing minor tearing of the eyes only momentarily. The chip then provided the foundation for the vaccine to be formatted, developing a schematic blueprint by which the vaccine when administered, would interact and mix within the chip via the bloodstream, then finally dispersing into the brain a predetermined set of behavioral patterns to include enhanced levels of brain activity, academic capacity, the elimination of free-will and critical thinking ~ to amass and secure loyalty to the new world order without question or doubt ~ and A.I. engagement cells to function within the new world order . . . Those who had refused the original nasal swab testing and vaccine followup, were then gathered up by the new world authority, and sent to the “X-Camp” to remain segregated from the mainstream population, they would not be suitable within the new world order, and were considered to be a disgrace to the evolution of mankind . . . “Mutts”, they were called, a loosely given street-slang tag in reference to being of the “X-Vacs”.

In the years to come, a book had been written and circulated, the origin however was unknown, although suspected to be from within the “X-Camp”. Entitled “Living With The New World Order”, the book documented the existence of the camp within the new world order, providing in detail how the camp came to be and why, with link information to other camps as well. The book also documented the inner workings of the new world order, and how to scavenge off of their excess. The writer of the book had launched a startling insight into the existence of both populations, further writings would be forthcoming, claiming to be a progressive study, and was perplexing to the new world authorities as to how one could know so much about both societies, and yet have enough conscious awareness to understand or possibly maneuver in them both . . .

Perhaps the writer was a mutt, whose brain capacity and academia had been under estimated . . .
Perhaps the writer was posing within the new world order so well as to not be detected . . .

An independent rogue writer who had isolated himself long ago from mainstream propaganda, the rhetoric of mechanical scripted voices, and the subliminal duping of society, slowly brainwashing and diluting their very state of being . . .

Breaking free, saving his own conscious reality before it could ever be doubted, challenged or questioned.

End ~


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