“Hybrid Spawn”

The restructuring process began before the fallout, during the time when human interaction was discouraged, a no contact mandate was issued, impacting live conversation and gestures, and ultimately gave way to AI comunication and machine learning. The micro-chips were distributed within the nasal swab testing process, then followed by the vaccine procedures which activated the micro-chips. This is where human DNA met with AI developed DNA, which in effect did alter the human DNA structure to elevate brain activity, and enhance human brain function, perception, behavior, and learning retention. It did however, have an impact on human DNA, and there were those who fell sick from the micro-chip activation, while others who were not strong enough to survive the activation perished from the experimental plan. It was the way for the ruling corporate elite to separate and incorporate select individuals whose DNA would be receptive with AI developed DNA, and to prepare them for assignment compatibility in the new world order. It was through this process that the harvesting of human DNA from those select individuals would establish the framework for more than just the survival of mankind into the next horizon, but to construct the perfect human specimens for AI interaction, and placement in the new world order by duplicating those human specimens after their micro-chip vaccine-activation procedure, essentially by cloning those specimens, to finally create the perfect hybrids not only for the new world order, but for its success, and to continue beyond the next great horizon through controlled reproduction.

Hybrid spawns were the product of that controlled reproduction, donors were from the DNA harvest that interacted with AI developed DNA. The altering of human DNA structures to create hybrid spawns established the framework from which an entire vaccinated population could be manifested into new world colonies. The hybrid spawns would have one more key feature, the addition of WiFi signal receptors within their brain, allowing them the visual enhancement to see the virtual computer screen in front of them with the wave of their hand. They were essentially plugged in to the main-frame, resulting in accelerated brain function, but with limited social skills, the AI developed DNA didn’t recognize human emotion, gestures, and empathy. Thereby immobilizing individual thought and behavior patterns. Only the essential communication and skills rendered to the task at hand. This then would secure the fate of mankind, and its evolution into the beyond.

A dark backside to all of this had manifested along beside it, and it was those who had refused the vaccine. They were allowed designated areas of land outside of the city to maintain their lives in camps, like refugees, they were to be regarded as a human sub-species. They were considered to be the bottom crust of mankind, left to fend for themselves, but yet would continue on to reproduce and to prosper within their own population. But the line separating fate from technology had been compromised when it became known that there was an offspring created from one of the human sub-species and a hybrid spawn. This interaction had not been planned, nor foreseen, however it was rejected, was considered to be impure, and was left to remain among the human sub-species within the camp.

So it would come to be that both populations would survive and prosper, yet separate from each other, while the outcast offspring learned to balance human behavior with AI enhanced behavior. Thereby providing a different strain of hybrid for the new world order, one that would be capable of human emotion, gestures, and empathy, one that would prove hard to study, predict, and understand, that would be capable of individual thought and behavior.

It would also be the first rogue hybrid that could potentially disrupt the balance of the new world order.

End ~

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