“New AI World” ~ And The Criminal Element ~

As the craft began its descent to the forgotten planet Earth, the AI pilot and the seven crew members scanned the desolate surface, void of all vegetation, water, and animal life. Its beauty had been replaced with the charred blackened remains left from the bio-nuclear invasion. It had been the final war among humans, the ultimate final obliteration of all life ~ human and animal ~ a bio-viral substance, airborne and extremely contagious, that robbed the planet Earth of its beauty and its people. It had been intentional, calculated, and with malice, even though it meant the demise of the aggressor as well. But there had also been a plan for this eight years prior,  with the development of the AI survivor robots that had dug the underground pods and tunnels in preparation for the aftermath. 

During the early stages of AI development, it was never considered that there could be a rogue AI that would be programmed for destruction, capable of executing and surviving the final attack. As technology advanced, so had the criminal mind. Once the original schematic was designed by humans, it had been hacked for the invasion, once that was in place the AI robots could easily duplicate it into other AI robots. The AI began with human interaction, learning how to manifest human-like movements and gestures. However, along with that came the criminal element, and like everything else on planet Earth, there would be no boundaries the criminal mind couldn’t reach, they would no longer need human intervention or direction. Designed to mirror human activity would also include the rogue AI, complete with its own criminal mind.

It surely was the ultimate in bio-nuclear warfare, humans had been at war globally since the inception of mankind, and inherently designed to conquer and rule, even if it meant the demise of   planet Earth and its people. The cyborgs would be the first to be experimented with, their fitted hardware could be programmed for destruction, from there the next step would be to develop the criminal element  within the AI.

In a world void of human presence, the AI-bots would then take on the persona of their builders, whether it be criminal or humanitarian, the result of which would then create a new AI world capable of multiplying without human intervention. What was once thought to be the greatest advancement of mankind, would also come to be feared as well, capable of further technological advances, but also capable of advanced tech-crimes. Within the concept of creating a new AI world, it would also include another higher level of criminal tech-activity . . . 

The criminal element had always been present with every generation of mankind, and its level of complexity and intelligence would increase with each new generation . . . However, creating the perfect world with the advancement of AI technology, would also include the criminal mind as well. And, as with a defunct human world, the need to conquer and rule would carry on into the nuclear horizon, and the new AI world.


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