“The AI Machine” ~ New World Population ~

It is upon us now to consider our survival beyond the nuclear horizon. Our coexistence with AI, and machine learning, the mass collection of metadata, and mass surveillance. The loss of social interactions, gestures, and emotions, sabotaged by the small handheld digital devices that compartmentalizes our thoughts and movements into a shared network of moments consisting of emoji’s, stickers, clips and quips. Designed to maintain engagement, interaction, and well, entertainment. All while our personal information, along with every keystroke, document, purchase, location, and voice, are being tracked and harvested from the human population to be analyzed, reinterpreted, and reprogrammed into the AI machine for the purpose of replicating human interactions, gestures, emotions, thoughts, and movements. Ultimately creating perfect infallible beings, all with timely computer updates, as needed, to each individual AI mainframe. 

The AI machine . . .

It is what’s coming. Oh there will be some human life forms,  but only those with specific genomic structures that can be fitted with the necessary hardware needed to coexist with the AI machine ~ a cyborg population ~ with attachments located either at the base of their skulls ~ tapping into their brains to restructure presence of mind, and processing abilities ~ or at the base of their spines ~ tapping into their central nervous systems to reformat movement, speed and agility ~ the attachment devices will then interpret the information, relaying then to the AI machine and the AI population.

Most of the current human population will have already been “joined at the hip” with their expensive hand-held digital tracking devices ~ coexisting daily with the AI machine, as they are tracked, marketed, and prompted to “click here now” ~ rarely looking up or away for fear they might miss something, as this “zombie” type behavior sabotages their human interactions, gestures, emotions, thoughts, and movements. All the while, maintaining engagement and entertainment, allowing the AI machine to collect souls conveniently, advancing replication for the AI population without human resistance, care, or awareness.

This is where the vaccines and nasal swabs testing enter into the grand scheme of things ~ to get the genomal structures, to record and analyze for the purpose of selecting suitable humans to be fitted and upgraded into cyborgs ~ enabling communication, cohabitation, and enhancing function ability within the AI machine and its population.

These perfect infallible creations will also form a new military, with select AI soldiers for the new AI battlefield, and the coming super-tech wars, thereby creating a segue to seek and establish presence on other planets.

Next, interplanetary travel, g-force, and colonization on both of the two closest planets, the Moon and Mars ~ A new world population ~ complete with atmospheric pressure, temperatures, oxygenation, and organic farming. Using sustainable energy, and supersonic transit.

The AI machine may take a few more decades, or maybe less, but it is where we are going, that is to say, where the AI machine is going, we may exist only in limited capacity within the new world population, as the nuclear horizon looms ever closer . . .

End ~


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