“Living In The Illusion”

Through the barrage of propaganda driven news bites, viral sensationalism, subliminal messaging laced within corporate commercial broadcasting, and a political arena that has lost not only its direction, but has lost its integrity as well . . . Lost in this polluted stream is a wandering population that seems unaware of its lost sense of reality, but yet can not or will not offer resistance to a corruption-fueled system, while seemingly floating in an assumed state of illusion, and void of individuality and critical thinking.

It is living in the illusion that has veiled the human presence, cloaking meaningful gestures and emotions, human interaction and critical thinking. Every part that makes better human beings, willfully stripped away, leaving only the holographic illusion of what is accepted to be a reality.

Enter the free thinkers . . . Those individuals who have not stepped in too deep into a programmed corporate political system that sabotages free will, individuality, and critical thinking. They (we) have made the choice to be free in this way, breaking from the accepted norms to be our own individuals, unswayed by a divided and confused population that has succumbed to rage and extremism from the viral sensationalism that seems to arouse their lost sense of reality.

Without perspective, individuality, and critical thinking, living in the illusion would be easy enough to blissfully carry on for those lost souls. However there are those of us who willfully challenge, question, and investigate the corporate propaganda, lack of political integrity, and an agenda that remains cloaked in secrecy and hazed in confusion. 

We have and always will continue to seek truth, transparency, and integrity . . . Separating from the mainstream, who are collectively herded along together, ‘dumb-down’ in their suburbia, tracked, marketed, and subliminally branded, their lifestyle information bought and sold like commodities.

Unable to see beyond ‘living in the illusion’ . . .

End ~


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