“We May Not Be Alone”

The presumed digital world that awaits the human presence in a matrix future is assumed to be the next vast horizon where man finally engages and co-habits with machine and together accomplish extraordinary leaps within the human presence, elevating the human presence into a new world that would include computer screens appearing in personal visual areas with the swipe or motion of a hand, implanted vox hardware engaging conversations using the blink of an eye, and viewing  personal identifiers such as individual medical history, finance, and criminal history, from the scanning of an implanted microchip at the wrist or temple area. A new world where interaction among beings is transferred exclusively through digital exchange, AI interface, or a series of vox sound clicks and pauses. Elevating even beyond that into an telepathic world where thoughts, ideas and commands could be exchanged through extra-sensory perception, then going beyond that then to holographic human transformation. A new world where the criminal element has been eliminated through selective genome restructuring, and rouge individuals who resist the implanted vox hardware and sensory microchips ~ rendering them useless and non-communicative ~ are sent underground to catacomb-like cells to wither and die.

Perhaps we have been all to caught up in the frenzy of movie-making, satirical spin-offs and books written of an apocalyptic future, the endless dialogue of alien presence and  beings flying around above us, surveilling us, and occasionally abducting one of us only to be returned after the anal probe . . . The crash sites and storage facilities that contain interplanetary vessels or the remnants and remains of interplanetary beings. Political avantours and officials urged to avoid even saying these words, suggesting that maybe the carnival of top secret information might just be an illusion as well, yet while armed guardsmen are patrolling what appears to be privately owned multi-acres of presumably empty land. Then there is the space-race, alive and well with renewed publicity and purpose ~ with so much interplanetary hardware floating around earth’s atmosphere ~ having been rejuvenated in recent years, taking on civilians, who by the way are not armed, certainly not trained for war, but out for the joy ride of the experience with presumably no threat placed upon their lives ~ and with large amounts of money to spend ~ to see earth from the from it’s atmospheric edge, where the gateway to interplanetary travel really begins.

What is known is that there are select remnants ~ evidence ~ of some kind of being or life that existed before earth evolved, and has also evolved as well, but in a much more advanced state and presence then that of earth . . . Well at least this is what has been disclosed and scientifically researched as well. We are left to believe whatever it is that fits into that compartment of our brain that allows a certain capacity for free thinking, also allows for the exchange of information from like-minded individuals, the ongoing exploration of why we are here, where we are going, and to understand how we got here. 

We may not be alone . . .

End ~


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