“Gateway To A New World And The Hollow Earth”

As the aircraft approached the highest point on the celestial sphere, flying over the magnetic pole of the north, the pilot and small crew then were at the zenith to the heavens, where the gateway to a new world awaited them. The pilot then gave the order for the crew to prepare for descent, and then eight minutes later they would exit the aircraft to parachute down the rest of the way . . .

                                ~~~~~*~~~~~                                       ~~~~~*~~~~~

The pilot knew that he had to fly past the magnetic rim eighteen hundred miles to the center of the magnetic pole of the north,  where the opening was located. From there he could maneuver the aircraft into an eight minute circular descent, and then the crew would exit from the aircraft eight hundred feet above the opening, finishing their descent via parachute down into the hollow earth, and the awaiting new world. The arctic pole was filled with ice stretching over thirty six hundred miles across. The last seasonal thaw had occurred eight years prior, the circular magnetic tow of the north pole had caused the waters to swirl round and round, and with the centrifugal force caused the waters to part in the center, creating an open circular downward spiral gateway to the hollow earth and onto an awaiting new world within. It would be down this frozen opening eighty feet across that the crew would be guiding their parachutes as the vacuum created by the air and temperature exchange would pull them quickly downward at eighty miles per hour another eight hundred feet where they would break through the atmospheric bubble of a skyline where the air would sweep up under them, gently lifting and slowing them down for a final eight hundred feet, landing on the soil of a new world. 

Up above the pilot would maintain a circular pattern around the rim of the frozen opening, awaiting the link-up cargo aircraft to re-fuel before being spotted or captured. Since radio and dial transmissions were inoperable due to the freezing climate filled with a magnetic radius reaching over thirty six hundred miles, the chances of that were not likely to occur. Starvation and crash landings due to lack of fuel were the two most common likely to happen without proper planning and navigation. 

The celestial sphere and the thirty six hundred miles that encompassed the magnetic pole of the north below ~ and the zenith to the heavens ~ had come to be discovered as a gateway to the hollow earth and a new world. The uninhabitable climate and its gateway located within, would be of great importance to the rest of the globe already in apocalyptic turmoil with wars raging on both foreign and domestic lands. 

It was only those who believed, and the free-thinkers who got away before it would have been too late, that had unified their resources ~ and their minds ~ to merge together as a new world population. To forge ahead and beyond to explore the outer limits of man’s known horizon ~ that survived the aftermath ~ and journeyed on to a gateway, and on to an awaiting new world encapsulated in its own atmospheric bubble, hidden deep within the hollow earth.



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