“Thoughts On Living”

Imagine this ~

Surrounding every living human is a non-visible, thin bubble like cellophane that encapsulates our life, our very existence. Beyond that bubble is our death. As we carry on about our daily lives within this bubble-like membrane, our death constantly awaits us all just on the other side. Though we cannot see or feel the membrane surrounding us, we constantly unknowingly touch it, brush against it, and challenge its very existence every breathing moment we continue to live. When the bubble wears too thin, or we tear or poke the thin non-visible membrane either intentionally or accidentally, we then physically die. Believing whether or not that our soul or spirit could survive and thrive in an after-world is an individual matter only to be realized after death, after we are rendered unconscious. Until then, none of us really knows for sure. Yet our human experience continues to be maintained in such a fragile existence that could end at any moment and without notice. Every waking moment we are embarking upon the unknown.  Whether or not we are even conscious of our own living and dying is another individual matter, whether or not to believe there might be a presence in an afterlife, or simply presume that whatever is, just is, without ever a question about what awaits us on the other side.

                              ~~~~~*~~~~~                                    ~~~~~*~~~~~

Knowledge is key, however it will not enable or prepare us enough to understand or to know what lies ahead of us upon our death, when our conscious existence ends and is no more. Enlightening our mind with a higher perspective can enable our mind and soul to reach another level of consciousness.  We still are no closer to knowing what awaits us, but we can at least come away with a better understanding of life itself, to clarify our magnificent existence, which perhaps will allow us a more meaningful life, and life with purpose.

We are living at the very fringe of life ~ or perhaps the very fringe of death ~ at every breathing moment.

End ~


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