“The Mars Antennanite Colonies”

Antennaed ~ A slender segmented or smooth sensory organ or appendage rising from within and breaking through the outer shell or protective skin layer. A specific sensory or receptiveness for radiating and receiving signals. 

The Mars Antennanites had been restructured and engineered to biologically form the growth of a single antenna-like appendage starting at the base of their rear neck. Burning through the surface of their skin first about the size of a quarter, forming  a crusty layer of tissue that would mutate into a sphere shaped nodule twice the size of a quarter, establishing the base. The single antenna would then continue to grow from within, protruding from the nodule upwards along the back of their head. Having segmented shingle-like rows of scales, larger near the base and progressively smaller toward the tip. When fully grown, the antenna would reach eight inches and about an inch thick, pulsating with life and having its own fused bio-chemical internal sensors. The specimen then would be ready to co-exist and communicate with Mars AI and to function alongside Mars IA, each one having been chosen specific to their genomal structure.

             ————*————                                                       ————*————                                               

As the new arrivals of the antennaed stepped down onto the descended ramp of the Excom Tridex, they viewed the progress of the Mars colonies, which had flourished after the great fallout on Earth. The cold air thrust system developed by the X-Team had revolutionized interplanetary space travel along with the orbital refueling stations, allowing the arrivals more efficient travel to the Mars colonies. New arrivals of the antennaed were essential to the inner structure of the antennanite colonies, enabling the survival of key societal roles such as bricklayers, farmers, blacksmiths, miners, architects, explorers, farriers, bakers, doctors, teachers and housewives, re-establishing what had been lost on Earth. The antennanites would then sync with artificial intelligence (AI), to engineer ongoing intelligent automation (IA), enabling tech-structures of antennanite colonies, declaring the Mars planet a stable and influential component of the solar system. 

There was a social ladder of sorts, with an under-core of chosen genomic phenotypes from Earth that were re-programmed and antennaed, some of which were assigned to the next level, the tech-colonies. Within these ranks would be several levels from laborers to teachers, and builders to architects. AI held within the master blueprint for IA advancement into a Mars future, 

linking man to machine, machine to AI, and future to the solar system. There needed to be an under-core to replicate Earth as it was before the great fallout, to begin again the development and restructure for a Mars future. 

The Mars antennanites had proved to be sustainable on their own, leaving the Moon to serve the daily traffic of galactic travelers after NASA’S “Moxie” experiment succeeded utilizing their Perseverance Rover ~ which had turned a sample of the red planet’s attenuated toxic atmosphere into oxygen ~ AI then replicated it to form the Mars atmosphere. The Mars tech-colonies then linked with IA to continue and stabilize the replication, ultimately culminating in a human bio-varium,  like a giant solar-bubble that would contain and preserve the Mars planet. Low-light adaptable bacteria was lab-harvested to generate cyanobacteria, creating a breathable atmosphere on Mars through photosynthesis . . . The Mars biosphere.  

The Moon, known as Area X ~ named after Earth’s former Area 51 ~  with its secretive elite-military maneuvers being done under the cloak of the Moon’s “night” and at over 200,000 miles away in the blackness of solar depths. The Moon’s “day” side however came to be a credible refueling area for interplanetary travelers, also providing equipment storage, salvage, and research testing. With Earth no longer inhabitable, the Moon had become the launching area for inter-galactic activity.

The antennanite colonies were designed and constructed through their own selection of viable human candidates who had within them a specific genomic structure that would provide essential links in replicating the human life form that once was on Earth. This under-core of civilization, having been antennaed and groomed for the AI interface, to communicate and  function within a Mars future. 

Through co-existence with AI, mankind did survive to some extent, and civilization succumbed to IA and a future bound within it.

A future on Mars . . .

End ~


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