Science, history, and research studies reveal or at least suggest that beyond our known horizon there is still much more to be learned, explored, and documented. It is important to keep in mind the magnitude of the universe that abounds beyond our Earth. Its infinite vastness holds within the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here and where we are going, but to understand how we got here. It is where science, faith, and fate collide, revealing the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity. There is evidence to suggest that of other galactic civilizations and activities before us. Are we the last of the living (human) civilizations ?

It is also important to note here that while rapid advances in technology are happening now, it is only a matter of time before we the living begin to realize and explore our own ascension to a higher sense of awareness and consciousness, including our very own physical aspects as well, allowing the self-realization too that within the vastness of the universe we are not alone.

Then there is the question of the Moon’s presence, placement, and the theory of alien inhabitants residing inside its hollow core. Whether or not the Moon is even a planet, but rather an ancient interplanetary vessel with its perfect placement that shields (only) our Earth from the Sun. With our travels to the Moon and back, it lends the question perhaps of who (or what) has allowed our quest to continue. There are no other shared relationships between planets like this that exist. We may have been watching (them) but all along we ourselves have been in study too.

Beyond that, there is Mars, and again the Moon (and its alien inhabitants) that will aid our interplanetary travel, allowing us to explore beyond its horizon. Why then does the word alien even apply ? Implying that galactic wars will be needed to protect our Earth from harm when perhaps it is found that the so-called alien presence is not alien at all, but rather another civilization of beings that fear our presence as well.

It is time to explore not only our conscious awareness but our very existence here too, getting closer now than ever before to understanding our presence here along with our function and purpose in a new world.

We are at the threshold of a new dawn that will offer (for those who seek it) a portal of departure or transition . . .

It is time for “Ascension” . . . 

End ~


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