“Our Presence”

Whether we are living on a sphere, a planet suspended in the black void of space, or perhaps we are seeing our world through holographic visions already preset and programmable. Either way, we are within a universe so vast that it is impossible to measure time and distance in a way that can be assembled into our real-time daily conscious presence. 

It is a preconception before any real perception (of where we are, how we arrived, and where we are going) and ultimately, the footnotes to this journey of understanding life, death, and eternity, are bound by elusive secrets held within the universe itself. Therefore, we must explore our very presence, and we must question what is and what is not known to man. To peel away the layers of our known existence, going back to its rawest most primitive evolutionary stages. 

Take away (from that) what we’re allowed to, then go beyond, to another level of consciousness, intercepting a presence of self within a parallel universe.

Our presence has been documented though layers of time, and it is those layers that must be mined exclusively to establish a port of passage (portal) to another time in our existence and the mobilization of our conscious presence.

End ~


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