“The Greatest Mystery Above”

Sitting outside on the steps of his mother’s home that warm summer evening, young Dixon gazed up into the night sky as he always did. His focus was on what looked to be a star at first, he took notice of the increasing size and intensity of the glow that radiated from it as its speed accelerated, leaving a swaggering burn-trail swirling across the night sky . . . Seeing this would seal his interest in the beyond from that night forward . . .

         ******************                                     ********************                  

Years later, Dixon’s fascination with the beyond and its galaxy within the universe, would compel his wonder to a higher level of insight which fueled his desire to explore the greatest mystery above . . .

Outside of the classroom and away from the textbooks, sitting under the stars is where Dixon would reflect upon what he had researched and lectured his students about. The infinity above that had engulfed his world like a pair of large hands cradling a fragile egg. Compared to the magnificence of the universe, he viewed his home planet Earth as that vulnerable egg nestled within those hands.

Dixon marveled at the evidence suggesting that some form of life out there, up there, existed before life on Earth, but he yearned to know more about what really happened all those billions of years ago when Earth was forming, and how we, as human beings, would evolve on the planet that we would come to know as Earth.

Something did happen billions of years ago and more than once, as graphic proof of that is evident and  still remains on Earth. Though much of it already had been explained and documented, there still was the mystery of what cannot be explained, this was the very essence of what Dixon’s research and lectures were about.

Going through life casually just accepting our human existence without a question as to what our living purpose on Earth is and how we evolved here, was not something Dixon could settle with.  Because proof that we are not alone and never were ~ in the vastness of the universe ~ was clearly evident to him and the like-minded individuals with whom he shared the same journey with, the exploration and evolution of human existence on Earth.

Dixon knew that the technology for human interplanetary travel existed, but he was also aware of the growing cyber presence needed to protect future expeditions. The same lines drawn between countries to protect and insure air space above the lands would ultimately need to be established in space for the same reasons. Knowing all too well that future wars ~ cyber wars ~  would be fought in space to protect or invade cyberspace above Earth. Battles have always raged between countries for their lands to establish global power, and the same would extend into outer space . . . Dixon was concerned that the possibility of this occurring would be imminent, that it would complicate and thwart the future of a united global effort to pursue interplanetary space travel . . .

Undaunted by the political implications that would develop along with such major advances in technology, Dixon forged on with his research, and continued his lectures with the growing numbers of like-minded futurists who like himself shared an allegiance for a greater good, and an elevated cause for the understanding of our shared human presence. ~ Drawing a parallel back in time to an earlier historical event when the original colonies were forming across the lands by early settlers, establishing the lines that would map-out territories into states when the original thirteen were developing, and ultimately the original American flag being introduced to represent what would be incorporated as the United States. ~ The shared allegiance of futurists now, in comparison to those early settlers then, and the new frontier above,  would then form the new world territories, in cyberspace.  

Realizing the journey of mankind beyond the horizon into the future, and its growing involvement with technology and A.I, Dixon’s life would intertwine alongside, growing with intensity, remembering that same awe that he felt seeing the strange bright star-like specimen and the swaggering burn-trail left behind as it dashed across the night sky all those years ago. He believed in the real necessity of establishing sustainable interplanetary new world colonies in order to further the advancement of mankind into the future and beyond . . .

                              ************            ************

The greatest mystery above has always been just that ~ above us ~ and awaits our arrival . . .

End ~


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