“After Earth”

The battles above what was left of Earth’s atmosphere raged for global power in cyberspace, the AI warfare was unlike anything ever used across the desolated ravaged lands far below. There were no more territories left to conquer on Earth. The once beautiful images taken of Earth from space that showed blue waters swirling around its lands with white wispy clouds overhead, were gone and revealed the blackened charred remains of what once was Earth, smoldering from the nuclear apocalypse . . .

                             ************                             ************

This scenario had long been predicted and written about, but it had been suppressed and censored by the global ruling elite to avoid an untimely upheaval of the masses to form and rise in revolt ~ had they known the real agenda and their fate ~  thereby ensuring only the safety of the global ruling elite to the new world colonies.  

Space had been infiltrated with cyber-military presence and cyber-tech AI-machinery that illuminated the once black-void of space with nuclear fire-power and radioactive gasses. The same AI-tech artillery that had been commandeered to annihilate Earth . . . Post-fallout efforts to survive on Earth with all its sustainable life-supporting bio-mechanisms destroyed, had rendered Earth an uninhabitable barren planet, no longer rotating in orbit around the Sun, suspended in motion, and left to burn, held captive in silence, helpless within the Sun’s relentless rage of fire. 

Weapons of mass destruction that created the monster-weaponry developed alongside the revolutionary AI-tech military, spawned the rogue bio-tech nuclear power that spewed its rage across the lands and waters. After Earth, global domination then took on the next frontier in cyberspace to conquer and control, seek and destroy civilizations on other galactic planets.  

Early introduction of AI to the population showed much promise for human interaction alongside the anticipated technological advances, although the real agenda had been that it would be intercepted by rogue ex-military defactos, chosen by the ruling corporate elite. Their mission was to infiltrate the newly forming AI and implement it into weapons of mass destruction. It was all carried out while the masses were being distracted by their newly acquired hand-held devices, with targeted marketing and demographic markers that enticed them to “click here” or “buy now” . . . The agenda was for new world recruitment, exclusive to the ruling corporate elite and select members of society with the right genome structure ~ for cloning re-population and colonization ~ with potential candidates having  been researched from the early nasal swabs taken as the vaccines were still being developed . . .  another distraction.

There were the “whistle-blowers”, those who had exposed the NSA surveillance and the alleged invasion of privacy, secret documents hidden then somehow located, and the private email accounts being used for official house communications that turned up either undisclosed or deleted. But they had been duped, caught up in a deceitful web of deception, masking what had really been going on. They were sought out to be made an example of and to be punished for espionage ~ to protect the defacto government’s “integrity” ~ but fled abroad, seeking asylum from nations outside the grasp of the ruling corporate elite . . . Again, another distraction.

Global domination had always been the core of the ruling corporate elite who ultimately sought out a planet of their own to re-populate, colonize, and rule. The introduction and advancement of AI had spear-headed their agenda for a new world order . . . 

Overcoming the masses was easy . . .

End ~


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