“New World Assemblage” ~ AI Assimilation ~

Human genomes had been researched, analyzed, and stored at secured, private unknown locations after the documented nasal-swab procedures while the vaccines were still in development. The vaccines then were the catalyst to disperse interactive bio-scientific cells that would react with specific genomic structures to enhance growth and make their presence in the human body easier to extract and compare to the markers needed for assemblage into the new world order, and for Mars colonization. Not all would be a match to the social markers that were needed, there was also the hybrid-cloning that would essentially duplicate the human form and program it with what would  come to be known as the “AI-X Factor”, an AI voice and memory system modeled after the human-interaction with hand-held devices that elicited voice commands from their account holders as part of the new upgrade for the modern human experience. Aside from the targeted marketing and GPS tracking used for demographic research and predictive movements regarding sales, profits, projected earnings related to cultural population density, voice commands and conversations were also being recorded, analyzed, and programmed into an AI system that would ultimately be used to duplicate human behavior and memory associated with the repetitive daily routines, conversations, and destinations tracked in the modern suburbia lifestyle. A plan spawned from the introduction of personal hand-held devices ~ literally pocket computers ~ that not only surveilled spending and location, but also recorded and stored voice commands, conversations, gestures, tones, fingerprint and facial recognition . . . The perfect menu for AI assimilation through selective genomic aggregation. 

It would have been the perfect plan, but while trying to influence the masses throughout the decades using subliminal television programming and messaging laced within the commercials, radio advertisements, and newspaper articles, the plan never generated the momentum needed for restructuring of the population for a new world order. People were still naive and complacent, not retaining enough of the subliminal messaging needed to motivate their lack-luster suburban lifestyles, and so the plan for new world assemblage stalled until the introduction of the marvelous hand-held pocket computers ~ touted as revolutionary change for the world ~ that would bring everyone from around the globe closer together . . . That is, until the introduction of AI and the rogue de facto diplomats associated with it ~ puppeteered by the ruling corporate elite ~ guiding the masses to a pre-arranged, pre-planned future beyond their known horizon, a future that involved cloning select genomic specimens for colonization on the planet Mars. 

Interplanetary space travel would be the pathway to other galactic colonies, awaiting the hyper-tech AI-clones, having been replicated in human form, using only specific bio-scientific genomic structures aggregated for AI assimilation to create the perfect specimens for the new world and Mars colonization.

Cyanobacteria being one of the largest available groups of low-light bacteria located on Earth would be crucial to Mars colonization by creating its own biosphere, a breathable atmosphere through photosynthesis on Mars.

Having only the best specimens replicated ~ in terms of genomic structure ~ with a predetermined select social ladder, would be that of a perfect world order. 

End ~


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