Through the dense timber area the boy walked along with his camera in hand,  curiosity had wandered him away from the house where his sister and parents were, their home had been inherited from his grandfather. He was heading to the water-dam, where the legend of the sightings came from, where the mysterious burns on the ground were, and where some say people came to depart just after dusk. He hadn’t yet received the controversial vaccine yet, so he had no fear of being caught when the starship landed to load more of those who had been vaccinated. He wanted to get photos for the local newspaper, to document what was going on, and to prove to the skeptics of his discovery.

The boy had been warned not to go near the water-dam for fear of being taken away, but he also knew that without the vaccine he would not be located on their monitors, and would be safe in his hiding place so he could get the photos. He brought along his grandfather’s old 35’mm camera to further insure his safety, because their monitors would locate any modern device using cell or internet service. He only hoped that the sound made from the camera’s shutter click would go unnoticed, for that would cause his presence to be found. Finding an area about twenty feet away from where the burn marks were, the boy made the likeness of a sniper’s nest from the foliage on the elevated knoll where he would wait for the starship to land. Using his own make-shift timeline ~ with pen and paper ~ so as not to leave any computer trail, he based the landing according to when the last departure occurred, always at the same time, eight minutes after eight in the evening, on the eighth day of the eighth month. Just as dusk was upon him, the boy settled himself in place to await the arrival of the starship. 

It was his grandfather’s handwritten notes, left behind after his death, that had stirred the boy’s curiosity. Most thought his grandfather to be out of his mind, while there were others whom the boy had overheard talking about the departures, but never did anything about it. They had concluded that the departures were voluntary.

His grandfather had documented his findings throughout the years as he remained a recluse, not trusting anyone. The boy had become intrigued by his grandfather’s insights to the bizarre happenings, his thoughts and predictions, all handwritten but also forgotten. His grandfather’s notes and supposed findings were considered to be nothing more than the ramblings of a mad-man. But the boy knew better, because he had followed his grandfather one evening and witnessed  the starship

landing and the departures. The photos taken by his grandfather had been dismissed as fake, and later stolen. From then on, the boy set out to continue in his grandfather’s study, and to see that his legacy would officially be recognized.

After the viral outbreak, the success of interplanetary travel led to colonization on the Moon and on Mars. Only those who had been vaccinated were fit to leave Earth and colonize on the planets after being evaluated and given a position within the new colonies, some were returned after the evaluation and also given a position back on Earth to serve as recruits for development within the new world colonies.

The boy knew the time was near for the starship landing even though though he brought no timepiece ~ for it too would be discovered, giving away his presence ~ but he knew the time was near due to the position of the setting sun over the trees, as the last bit of sunlight illuminated a mark that had been etched in by his grandfather, at the base of a large tree nearby. The mark itself was unique, a crude circle the size of a baseball, with eight vertical dots going down the middle. It was a timepiece of its own, because as the setting sun went down it illuminated each dot down until all eight were fully illuminated, showing that it was eight minutes after eight that evening, just as it had been written in his grandfather’s notes.

Lights from the starship appeared overhead, sets of eight vertical lights with a circular light around them ~ just like the mark on the tree ~ spaced about eight feet apart to form the large circular shape of the starship. As it began to hover down, it stopped about eight feet above the ground as a scaffolding lowered to the surface. Its soon to be boarders revealed themselves standing in the twilight ~ dressed in white shirts and trousers, men and women ~ and as if moving on que, began walking toward the scaffolding, forming into four bodies wide and eight bodies deep. With his grandfather’s 35 mm camera poised and ready, the boy began clicking away as they stepped onto the scaffolding. Like a giant carnival ride, they all got into position, four bodies wide and eight bodies high, each row of four climbing above the others, the safety belts instantly embracing them, and there they stood silently as the scaffolding began its accent back into the starship. The only sounds were the high pitched whine from the starship and the rushing sound of air as the rocket burners engaged, leaving fresh burn marks on the ground that were in the same shape as the starship lights and the etched mark on the tree.

The boy stayed in place, out of sight still within the sniper-like nest he had made, until the starship disappeared out of sight, he then stepped out into the darkness to make his way back to the house. It would be there that he could develop his 35 mm film, just as he had learned from his grandfather. Alone in his grandfather’s darkroom he could re-live what he had just witnessed, documenting the bizarre happening, while his parents and sister left him to be, believing that he was developing more of his nature photos again.

At some future time the boy would make his findings known ~ but not until he could trust someone with his findings ~ thereby securing his grandfather’s legacy.

End ~


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“New AI World” ~ And The Criminal Element ~

As the craft began its descent to the forgotten planet Earth, the AI pilot and the seven crew members scanned the desolate surface, void of all vegetation, water, and animal life. Its beauty had been replaced with the charred blackened remains left from the bio-nuclear invasion. It had been the final war among humans, the ultimate final obliteration of all life ~ human and animal ~ a bio-viral substance, airborne and extremely contagious, that robbed the planet Earth of its beauty and its people. It had been intentional, calculated, and with malice, even though it meant the demise of the aggressor as well. But there had also been a plan for this eight years prior,  with the development of the AI survivor robots that had dug the underground pods and tunnels in preparation for the aftermath. 

During the early stages of AI development, it was never considered that there could be a rogue AI that would be programmed for destruction, capable of executing and surviving the final attack. As technology advanced, so had the criminal mind. Once the original schematic was designed by humans, it had been hacked for the invasion, once that was in place the AI robots could easily duplicate it into other AI robots. The AI began with human interaction, learning how to manifest human-like movements and gestures. However, along with that came the criminal element, and like everything else on planet Earth, there would be no boundaries the criminal mind couldn’t reach, they would no longer need human intervention or direction. Designed to mirror human activity would also include the rogue AI, complete with its own criminal mind.

It surely was the ultimate in bio-nuclear warfare, humans had been at war globally since the inception of mankind, and inherently designed to conquer and rule, even if it meant the demise of   planet Earth and its people. The cyborgs would be the first to be experimented with, their fitted hardware could be programmed for destruction, from there the next step would be to develop the criminal element  within the AI.

In a world void of human presence, the AI-bots would then take on the persona of their builders, whether it be criminal or humanitarian, the result of which would then create a new AI world capable of multiplying without human intervention. What was once thought to be the greatest advancement of mankind, would also come to be feared as well, capable of further technological advances, but also capable of advanced tech-crimes. Within the concept of creating a new AI world, it would also include another higher level of criminal tech-activity . . . 

The criminal element had always been present with every generation of mankind, and its level of complexity and intelligence would increase with each new generation . . . However, creating the perfect world with the advancement of AI technology, would also include the criminal mind as well. And, as with a defunct human world, the need to conquer and rule would carry on into the nuclear horizon, and the new AI world.


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“Hybrid Spawn”

The restructuring process began before the fallout, during the time when human interaction was discouraged, a no contact mandate was issued, impacting live conversation and gestures, and ultimately gave way to AI comunication and machine learning. The micro-chips were distributed within the nasal swab testing process, then followed by the vaccine procedures which activated the micro-chips. This is where human DNA met with AI developed DNA, which in effect did alter the human DNA structure to elevate brain activity, and enhance human brain function, perception, behavior, and learning retention. It did however, have an impact on human DNA, and there were those who fell sick from the micro-chip activation, while others who were not strong enough to survive the activation perished from the experimental plan. It was the way for the ruling corporate elite to separate and incorporate select individuals whose DNA would be receptive with AI developed DNA, and to prepare them for assignment compatibility in the new world order. It was through this process that the harvesting of human DNA from those select individuals would establish the framework for more than just the survival of mankind into the next horizon, but to construct the perfect human specimens for AI interaction, and placement in the new world order by duplicating those human specimens after their micro-chip vaccine-activation procedure, essentially by cloning those specimens, to finally create the perfect hybrids not only for the new world order, but for its success, and to continue beyond the next great horizon through controlled reproduction.

Hybrid spawns were the product of that controlled reproduction, donors were from the DNA harvest that interacted with AI developed DNA. The altering of human DNA structures to create hybrid spawns established the framework from which an entire vaccinated population could be manifested into new world colonies. The hybrid spawns would have one more key feature, the addition of WiFi signal receptors within their brain, allowing them the visual enhancement to see the virtual computer screen in front of them with the wave of their hand. They were essentially plugged in to the main-frame, resulting in accelerated brain function, but with limited social skills, the AI developed DNA didn’t recognize human emotion, gestures, and empathy. Thereby immobilizing individual thought and behavior patterns. Only the essential communication and skills rendered to the task at hand. This then would secure the fate of mankind, and its evolution into the beyond.

A dark backside to all of this had manifested along beside it, and it was those who had refused the vaccine. They were allowed designated areas of land outside of the city to maintain their lives in camps, like refugees, they were to be regarded as a human sub-species. They were considered to be the bottom crust of mankind, left to fend for themselves, but yet would continue on to reproduce and to prosper within their own population. But the line separating fate from technology had been compromised when it became known that there was an offspring created from one of the human sub-species and a hybrid spawn. This interaction had not been planned, nor foreseen, however it was rejected, was considered to be impure, and was left to remain among the human sub-species within the camp.

So it would come to be that both populations would survive and prosper, yet separate from each other, while the outcast offspring learned to balance human behavior with AI enhanced behavior. Thereby providing a different strain of hybrid for the new world order, one that would be capable of human emotion, gestures, and empathy, one that would prove hard to study, predict, and understand, that would be capable of individual thought and behavior.

It would also be the first rogue hybrid that could potentially disrupt the balance of the new world order.

End ~

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