“Conscious Awareness”

Between science, fate, and faith, is where the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity hold the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here, and where we are going, but to understand how we got here.

Is it the trust in science, the acceptance of fate, or the sacred belief in faith that assures our assumed reality (?) our conscious awareness (?) our very state of being (?) . . . Perception of our assumed reality is open to interpretation, even logic can fade when reality is challenged by going beyond accepted academia to other other conscious states of being, where logic is relative to that which one has within to elevate themselves ~ individual conscious state of awareness ~ and is exclusive to each framework of individual capability.

Considered to be an illusionary fixation out of touch with reality and the so called real world, conscious awareness challenges trusted formulas, sacred beliefs, and accepted thinking. It rewards with an elevated state of mind, stay of peace within, and the euphoric sense of sanctity of that which may be currently happening can be shielded from the kind of effects that have no goodwill. In other words, to menu that which is of goodwill, that which can be changed, and the conscious authority to know that which cannot be changed or excluded from the menu.

Not everyone is capable of excluding that which does not improve their conscious awareness, and it is that, that will destroy them from within, tending to that which is not their own and does nothing to improve conscious awareness because then the mind is distracted, overloaded, consumed, and “self” is then lost. The individual importance of conscious awareness is great because it provides cleansing from a polluted, destructive environment, and provides the peace, and clarity of mind for individual adaptive recourse. Conscious awareness cannot be learned, it is from within, and is what makes its framework unique and adaptable for each individual that is capable.

While humans are generically studied, and marketed collectively as one body or as a cross-section of demographic profiles, it is those individuals that are elevated that cannot be fully understood because they are in changing states of adaptive conscious awareness. They can however conform somewhat to blend in to the mainstream, where they can maintain a balance and remain elusive to the effects of a decaying environment and political agenda.

Ultimately, the greatest battle lies within, not to be fought over territory, but at the crossroads of assumed reality and conscious awareness, for it will be there that the trust in science, the sacred belief in faith, and assumed reality will erupt with fury, contempt, and anguish when faith and fate collide in the greatest battle ever to be known . . .

End ~

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“Sacred Fury”

Society had forgotten the unknown village with its growth and development as it evolved into the automated future, the bustling metropolis scurried about with its AI power structure, and augmented reality, with everyone connected to the matrix. As the matrix continued to develop, so did its corruption, indulgence, and aimless consumption fed by the need always for more of everything. But the matrix was doomed for destruction for there was never any real interest in the safety of the villagers, or their land, wanting only their land to further development, to build the towers, corporate suites, and estates to house their material possessions. Society had become a programed commodity for the corporate establishment, targeted marketing in an augmented world was their reality, AI and digital engagements had replaced human interaction, emotion, and meaningful gestures. Society had lost its identity, purpose, and direction, and were willing captives within the bearucratic hologram of illusion. The isolation of human social interaction had been accomplished by the dissemination of academia, targeting the mainstream with propaganda, agenda, and marketing, a segue into augmented reality, reprogrammed to function within it. In preparation for the nuclear horizon, and the beyond . . . A model of the future world was what had been created, and humans needed to be restructured for conformity . . . Humanity and empathy had been abandoned inside the towering corporate complex, what once was rich harvest land, rolling hills filled with vegetation, plant and animal life, had been buried under the concrete and steel landscapes of the metropolis.

All the while, the villagers had continued to harvest their sacred land, barter and trade for goods and services from within, and honored their old world customs and teachings. They were of sound faith, and goodwill, outsiders were known to be of the matrix, and dismissed the power of the sacred land as a muse, those that did come to query ~ bankers, brokers, and investors ~ all met untimely misfortunes, disease, and death. Their presence on the sacred land was felt as evil, their intentions harmful and without grace, disrupting the peace of the village, and the sacred fury that the villagers not only feared, but worshiped and served. The unwanted visitors had no goodwill within them, and only sought corporate gain by ousting the villagers from their land and homes, to expand the matrix.

The situation however had become unpredictable, fires were set to torment the village, their gardens and workshops destroyed, and their animals killed, the villagers knew that the time for deliverance would soon be upon them. It came to be that retribution would define the deed when the ravens began their migration to the lands, and the villagers would form along the hills outside the metropolis in primal ceremonial unity for what would be the great sacred fury. The villagers gathered with firehouse lanterns and torches, the beats of tribal cadence echoed through the lands while the ritual rhythms of their death’dance were cast in shadowed silhouette behind the radiance of their handheld flames. Final twilight would begin to loom over the metropolis as the sacred fury intensified, ignited, then erupted from above as the lands rumbled below, lightning pierced through the chaos as it struck the matrix towers setting them ablaze, buildings began to topple downward as the lands opened up to engulf the metropolis. Power lines exploded into billowing fires, while water ways spilled over and crashed through the streets. The mighty power from the sacred fury was throughout the metropolis, leaving no escape, death would come to all inside as it along with their matrix would be no more, falling downward into hell’s inferno amidst the chaos and tribal cadence . . . It was vengeance . . . It was deliverance . . . It was harmony together with silhouettes of the death’dancers still in motion to their ritual rhythms . . .

It was “Sacred Fury” . . .

End ~

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“Red River” ~ Twilight Into Obscurity ~

There was no way that anyone could ever know just when the end time would be upon them, but as the darkness of night fell, so it was that some of the chosen ones had already begun to notice the signs of the final twilight. The first was the absence of the stars against the dense pure black sky, void from any perception of depth or distance. They knew from this that there would be no dawn to follow in the morning . . . How could they know when morning would be anyway (?) They could not even see their hands in front of them, nor their neighbors standing next to them. The full moon that slowly emerged from within the darkness ~ normally reflecting brightly down upon them ~ was dimly red, casting a red hue over the lands. By then, the people had begun to gather, some holding oil lanterns that too had the red tones burning within the flames, creating a breathtaking scene of twilight ~ if only the scene evolving were a photograph or a painting ~ as the cadence of the death dancers echoed from within the hills, unveiling the reality of what had finally come to be . . . The people were aware, and as more gathered, some would carry makeshift torches made from whatever they could round up, adding to the intensity of the red glow. None tried to run ~ where would they go anyway (?) ~ they stood silently together, offering no resistance ~ how could they resist what they could not see (?) ~ Torches lit up from the hills to reveal the shadows of ritual rhythms, the end time had begun, there would be no tomorrow . . .

As the moon rose overhead, silhouettes across the landscape began to appear, reflecting the red river rising ~ rising ~ the death dancers cadence grew louder as they too had come out of the hills to gather in celebration, for it was their time. From as far as anyone could make out, more and more lanterns and torches in the distance glowed red under the blood moon, as the river ran over its banks and flowed over the lands. It wouldn’t be much longer before the red river would engulf the lands, taking with it everything or any being thereof . . . Although they remained in silence, holding their flames high, it was ceremonious and calm, the only sounds to be heard were the crackling of the torches and the sounds of flowing water drawing nearer to them. This is what they had waited for in preparation for the primal gathering in ceremony of their existence and deliverance, allowing themselves to be taken up within the rising red river, as each lantern and torch would then fade to black, and ultimately, into the abyss.

What would lie beyond would never be known, as another vanished state of being would join the other planets in the solar system, waiting for discovery by future time travelers and space dwellers.


Had there been other inhabitants elsewhere in the universe (?) Perhaps other civilizations (?) What was the time-table for their end time (?) Had their end been foretold (?)

Between science, fate, and faith, is where the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity hold the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here, and where we are going, but to understand how we got here . . .

End ~

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