“New World Assemblage” ~ AI Assimilation ~

Human genomes had been researched, analyzed, and stored at secured, private unknown locations after the documented nasal-swab procedures while the vaccines were still in development. The vaccines then were the catalyst to disperse interactive bio-scientific cells that would react with specific genomic structures to enhance growth and make their presence in the human body easier to extract and compare to the markers needed for assemblage into the new world order, and for Mars colonization. Not all would be a match to the social markers that were needed, there was also the hybrid-cloning that would essentially duplicate the human form and program it with what would  come to be known as the “AI-X Factor”, an AI voice and memory system modeled after the human-interaction with hand-held devices that elicited voice commands from their account holders as part of the new upgrade for the modern human experience. Aside from the targeted marketing and GPS tracking used for demographic research and predictive movements regarding sales, profits, projected earnings related to cultural population density, voice commands and conversations were also being recorded, analyzed, and programmed into an AI system that would ultimately be used to duplicate human behavior and memory associated with the repetitive daily routines, conversations, and destinations tracked in the modern suburbia lifestyle. A plan spawned from the introduction of personal hand-held devices ~ literally pocket computers ~ that not only surveilled spending and location, but also recorded and stored voice commands, conversations, gestures, tones, fingerprint and facial recognition . . . The perfect menu for AI assimilation through selective genomic aggregation. 

It would have been the perfect plan, but while trying to influence the masses throughout the decades using subliminal television programming and messaging laced within the commercials, radio advertisements, and newspaper articles, the plan never generated the momentum needed for restructuring of the population for a new world order. People were still naive and complacent, not retaining enough of the subliminal messaging needed to motivate their lack-luster suburban lifestyles, and so the plan for new world assemblage stalled until the introduction of the marvelous hand-held pocket computers ~ touted as revolutionary change for the world ~ that would bring everyone from around the globe closer together . . . That is, until the introduction of AI and the rogue de facto diplomats associated with it ~ puppeteered by the ruling corporate elite ~ guiding the masses to a pre-arranged, pre-planned future beyond their known horizon, a future that involved cloning select genomic specimens for colonization on the planet Mars. 

Interplanetary space travel would be the pathway to other galactic colonies, awaiting the hyper-tech AI-clones, having been replicated in human form, using only specific bio-scientific genomic structures aggregated for AI assimilation to create the perfect specimens for the new world and Mars colonization.

Cyanobacteria being one of the largest available groups of low-light bacteria located on Earth would be crucial to Mars colonization by creating its own biosphere, a breathable atmosphere through photosynthesis on Mars.

Having only the best specimens replicated ~ in terms of genomic structure ~ with a predetermined select social ladder, would be that of a perfect world order. 

End ~


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“After Earth”

The battles above what was left of Earth’s atmosphere raged for global power in cyberspace, the AI warfare was unlike anything ever used across the desolated ravaged lands far below. There were no more territories left to conquer on Earth. The once beautiful images taken of Earth from space that showed blue waters swirling around its lands with white wispy clouds overhead, were gone and revealed the blackened charred remains of what once was Earth, smoldering from the nuclear apocalypse . . .

                             ************                             ************

This scenario had long been predicted and written about, but it had been suppressed and censored by the global ruling elite to avoid an untimely upheaval of the masses to form and rise in revolt ~ had they known the real agenda and their fate ~  thereby ensuring only the safety of the global ruling elite to the new world colonies.  

Space had been infiltrated with cyber-military presence and cyber-tech AI-machinery that illuminated the once black-void of space with nuclear fire-power and radioactive gasses. The same AI-tech artillery that had been commandeered to annihilate Earth . . . Post-fallout efforts to survive on Earth with all its sustainable life-supporting bio-mechanisms destroyed, had rendered Earth an uninhabitable barren planet, no longer rotating in orbit around the Sun, suspended in motion, and left to burn, held captive in silence, helpless within the Sun’s relentless rage of fire. 

Weapons of mass destruction that created the monster-weaponry developed alongside the revolutionary AI-tech military, spawned the rogue bio-tech nuclear power that spewed its rage across the lands and waters. After Earth, global domination then took on the next frontier in cyberspace to conquer and control, seek and destroy civilizations on other galactic planets.  

Early introduction of AI to the population showed much promise for human interaction alongside the anticipated technological advances, although the real agenda had been that it would be intercepted by rogue ex-military defactos, chosen by the ruling corporate elite. Their mission was to infiltrate the newly forming AI and implement it into weapons of mass destruction. It was all carried out while the masses were being distracted by their newly acquired hand-held devices, with targeted marketing and demographic markers that enticed them to “click here” or “buy now” . . . The agenda was for new world recruitment, exclusive to the ruling corporate elite and select members of society with the right genome structure ~ for cloning re-population and colonization ~ with potential candidates having  been researched from the early nasal swabs taken as the vaccines were still being developed . . .  another distraction.

There were the “whistle-blowers”, those who had exposed the NSA surveillance and the alleged invasion of privacy, secret documents hidden then somehow located, and the private email accounts being used for official house communications that turned up either undisclosed or deleted. But they had been duped, caught up in a deceitful web of deception, masking what had really been going on. They were sought out to be made an example of and to be punished for espionage ~ to protect the defacto government’s “integrity” ~ but fled abroad, seeking asylum from nations outside the grasp of the ruling corporate elite . . . Again, another distraction.

Global domination had always been the core of the ruling corporate elite who ultimately sought out a planet of their own to re-populate, colonize, and rule. The introduction and advancement of AI had spear-headed their agenda for a new world order . . . 

Overcoming the masses was easy . . .

End ~


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“The Greatest Mystery Above”

Sitting outside on the steps of his mother’s home that warm summer evening, young Dixon gazed up into the night sky as he always did. His focus was on what looked to be a star at first, he took notice of the increasing size and intensity of the glow that radiated from it as its speed accelerated, leaving a swaggering burn-trail swirling across the night sky . . . Seeing this would seal his interest in the beyond from that night forward . . .

         ******************                                     ********************                  

Years later, Dixon’s fascination with the beyond and its galaxy within the universe, would compel his wonder to a higher level of insight which fueled his desire to explore the greatest mystery above . . .

Outside of the classroom and away from the textbooks, sitting under the stars is where Dixon would reflect upon what he had researched and lectured his students about. The infinity above that had engulfed his world like a pair of large hands cradling a fragile egg. Compared to the magnificence of the universe, he viewed his home planet Earth as that vulnerable egg nestled within those hands.

Dixon marveled at the evidence suggesting that some form of life out there, up there, existed before life on Earth, but he yearned to know more about what really happened all those billions of years ago when Earth was forming, and how we, as human beings, would evolve on the planet that we would come to know as Earth.

Something did happen billions of years ago and more than once, as graphic proof of that is evident and  still remains on Earth. Though much of it already had been explained and documented, there still was the mystery of what cannot be explained, this was the very essence of what Dixon’s research and lectures were about.

Going through life casually just accepting our human existence without a question as to what our living purpose on Earth is and how we evolved here, was not something Dixon could settle with.  Because proof that we are not alone and never were ~ in the vastness of the universe ~ was clearly evident to him and the like-minded individuals with whom he shared the same journey with, the exploration and evolution of human existence on Earth.

Dixon knew that the technology for human interplanetary travel existed, but he was also aware of the growing cyber presence needed to protect future expeditions. The same lines drawn between countries to protect and insure air space above the lands would ultimately need to be established in space for the same reasons. Knowing all too well that future wars ~ cyber wars ~  would be fought in space to protect or invade cyberspace above Earth. Battles have always raged between countries for their lands to establish global power, and the same would extend into outer space . . . Dixon was concerned that the possibility of this occurring would be imminent, that it would complicate and thwart the future of a united global effort to pursue interplanetary space travel . . .

Undaunted by the political implications that would develop along with such major advances in technology, Dixon forged on with his research, and continued his lectures with the growing numbers of like-minded futurists who like himself shared an allegiance for a greater good, and an elevated cause for the understanding of our shared human presence. ~ Drawing a parallel back in time to an earlier historical event when the original colonies were forming across the lands by early settlers, establishing the lines that would map-out territories into states when the original thirteen were developing, and ultimately the original American flag being introduced to represent what would be incorporated as the United States. ~ The shared allegiance of futurists now, in comparison to those early settlers then, and the new frontier above,  would then form the new world territories, in cyberspace.  

Realizing the journey of mankind beyond the horizon into the future, and its growing involvement with technology and A.I, Dixon’s life would intertwine alongside, growing with intensity, remembering that same awe that he felt seeing the strange bright star-like specimen and the swaggering burn-trail left behind as it dashed across the night sky all those years ago. He believed in the real necessity of establishing sustainable interplanetary new world colonies in order to further the advancement of mankind into the future and beyond . . .

                              ************            ************

The greatest mystery above has always been just that ~ above us ~ and awaits our arrival . . .

End ~


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“Above Earth”

I’ve always had an interest in space, interplanetary travel, and the existence of other beings within the universe. Another interest of mine closely related to space and what it holds for us; that being the rockets and the technology behind what is needed to travel above and beyond earth ? I would stare  (and still do) up into the night sky, not because I could really see anything, but because I could wonder about what (or who) might be out there, and my compelling fascination with living beings who might be out there. Other times, when the Moon was visible during the daylight, I would gaze up at it thinking that its position above Earth was intentional, that it was there for specific reasons. I’ve always felt that there was so much information to be gleaned, and our presence on Earth to me suggested that there must be or at least there once was other beings out there inhabiting those other planets, and that the day would come to confirm my queries. Knowing too that there must be others just like me who shared those very same thoughts. I’ve always believed that we (Earth) are not alone, and that the universe is a shared entity.

I had grown up with Mercury, Gemini and  the Apollo Space Programs,  Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, and NASA. I remember the anticipation and exhilaration I felt watching the return of the space capsules with the astronauts onboard ~ “coming in hot” ~ then with on-board parachutes deployed, and the broadcast from NASA’S Mission Control Houston. From the initial launch with rockets ablaze to the splashdown, seeing the astronauts stepping out with a salute, the realization of it all, knowing that they had been up there, out there, that this would be documented history in the making.

From the Lunar Module landing on the Moon to the Mars Rover, the Space Shuttle era, and the International Space Station (ISS) to Elon Musk’s SpaceX, I believe interplanetary travel is within reach. Maybe 10 to 20 years or more, who knows, but what is for certain is that those of us who share this passion (along with generations to come) for deep space and interplanetary travel will no doubt come to witness discoveries of the greatest mysteries held within the universe.

End ~


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“Our Presence”

Whether we are living on a sphere, a planet suspended in the black void of space, or perhaps we are seeing our world through holographic visions already preset and programmable. Either way, we are within a universe so vast that it is impossible to measure time and distance in a way that can be assembled into our real-time daily conscious presence. 

It is a preconception before any real perception (of where we are, how we arrived, and where we are going) and ultimately, the footnotes to this journey of understanding life, death, and eternity, are bound by elusive secrets held within the universe itself. Therefore, we must explore our very presence, and we must question what is and what is not known to man. To peel away the layers of our known existence, going back to its rawest most primitive evolutionary stages. 

Take away (from that) what we’re allowed to, then go beyond, to another level of consciousness, intercepting a presence of self within a parallel universe.

Our presence has been documented though layers of time, and it is those layers that must be mined exclusively to establish a port of passage (portal) to another time in our existence and the mobilization of our conscious presence.

End ~


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Science, history, and research studies reveal or at least suggest that beyond our known horizon there is still much more to be learned, explored, and documented. It is important to keep in mind the magnitude of the universe that abounds beyond our Earth. Its infinite vastness holds within the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here and where we are going, but to understand how we got here. It is where science, faith, and fate collide, revealing the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity. There is evidence to suggest that of other galactic civilizations and activities before us. Are we the last of the living (human) civilizations ?

It is also important to note here that while rapid advances in technology are happening now, it is only a matter of time before we the living begin to realize and explore our own ascension to a higher sense of awareness and consciousness, including our very own physical aspects as well, allowing the self-realization too that within the vastness of the universe we are not alone.

Then there is the question of the Moon’s presence, placement, and the theory of alien inhabitants residing inside its hollow core. Whether or not the Moon is even a planet, but rather an ancient interplanetary vessel with its perfect placement that shields (only) our Earth from the Sun. With our travels to the Moon and back, it lends the question perhaps of who (or what) has allowed our quest to continue. There are no other shared relationships between planets like this that exist. We may have been watching (them) but all along we ourselves have been in study too.

Beyond that, there is Mars, and again the Moon (and its alien inhabitants) that will aid our interplanetary travel, allowing us to explore beyond its horizon. Why then does the word alien even apply ? Implying that galactic wars will be needed to protect our Earth from harm when perhaps it is found that the so-called alien presence is not alien at all, but rather another civilization of beings that fear our presence as well.

It is time to explore not only our conscious awareness but our very existence here too, getting closer now than ever before to understanding our presence here along with our function and purpose in a new world.

We are at the threshold of a new dawn that will offer (for those who seek it) a portal of departure or transition . . .

It is time for “Ascension” . . . 

End ~


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“The Mars Antennanite Colonies”

Antennaed ~ A slender segmented or smooth sensory organ or appendage rising from within and breaking through the outer shell or protective skin layer. A specific sensory or receptiveness for radiating and receiving signals. 

The Mars Antennanites had been restructured and engineered to biologically form the growth of a single antenna-like appendage starting at the base of their rear neck. Burning through the surface of their skin first about the size of a quarter, forming  a crusty layer of tissue that would mutate into a sphere shaped nodule twice the size of a quarter, establishing the base. The single antenna would then continue to grow from within, protruding from the nodule upwards along the back of their head. Having segmented shingle-like rows of scales, larger near the base and progressively smaller toward the tip. When fully grown, the antenna would reach eight inches and about an inch thick, pulsating with life and having its own fused bio-chemical internal sensors. The specimen then would be ready to co-exist and communicate with Mars AI and to function alongside Mars IA, each one having been chosen specific to their genomal structure.

             ————*————                                                       ————*————                                               

As the new arrivals of the antennaed stepped down onto the descended ramp of the Excom Tridex, they viewed the progress of the Mars colonies, which had flourished after the great fallout on Earth. The cold air thrust system developed by the X-Team had revolutionized interplanetary space travel along with the orbital refueling stations, allowing the arrivals more efficient travel to the Mars colonies. New arrivals of the antennaed were essential to the inner structure of the antennanite colonies, enabling the survival of key societal roles such as bricklayers, farmers, blacksmiths, miners, architects, explorers, farriers, bakers, doctors, teachers and housewives, re-establishing what had been lost on Earth. The antennanites would then sync with artificial intelligence (AI), to engineer ongoing intelligent automation (IA), enabling tech-structures of antennanite colonies, declaring the Mars planet a stable and influential component of the solar system. 

There was a social ladder of sorts, with an under-core of chosen genomic phenotypes from Earth that were re-programmed and antennaed, some of which were assigned to the next level, the tech-colonies. Within these ranks would be several levels from laborers to teachers, and builders to architects. AI held within the master blueprint for IA advancement into a Mars future, 

linking man to machine, machine to AI, and future to the solar system. There needed to be an under-core to replicate Earth as it was before the great fallout, to begin again the development and restructure for a Mars future. 

The Mars antennanites had proved to be sustainable on their own, leaving the Moon to serve the daily traffic of galactic travelers after NASA’S “Moxie” experiment succeeded utilizing their Perseverance Rover ~ which had turned a sample of the red planet’s attenuated toxic atmosphere into oxygen ~ AI then replicated it to form the Mars atmosphere. The Mars tech-colonies then linked with IA to continue and stabilize the replication, ultimately culminating in a human bio-varium,  like a giant solar-bubble that would contain and preserve the Mars planet. Low-light adaptable bacteria was lab-harvested to generate cyanobacteria, creating a breathable atmosphere on Mars through photosynthesis . . . The Mars biosphere.  

The Moon, known as Area X ~ named after Earth’s former Area 51 ~  with its secretive elite-military maneuvers being done under the cloak of the Moon’s “night” and at over 200,000 miles away in the blackness of solar depths. The Moon’s “day” side however came to be a credible refueling area for interplanetary travelers, also providing equipment storage, salvage, and research testing. With Earth no longer inhabitable, the Moon had become the launching area for inter-galactic activity.

The antennanite colonies were designed and constructed through their own selection of viable human candidates who had within them a specific genomic structure that would provide essential links in replicating the human life form that once was on Earth. This under-core of civilization, having been antennaed and groomed for the AI interface, to communicate and  function within a Mars future. 

Through co-existence with AI, mankind did survive to some extent, and civilization succumbed to IA and a future bound within it.

A future on Mars . . .

End ~


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