“The Mars Antennanite Colonies”

Antennaed ~ A slender segmented or smooth sensory organ or appendage rising from within and breaking through the outer shell or protective skin layer. A specific sensory or receptiveness for radiating and receiving signals. 

The Mars Antennanites had been restructured and engineered to biologically form the growth of a single antenna-like appendage starting at the base of their rear neck. Burning through the surface of their skin first about the size of a quarter, forming  a crusty layer of tissue that would mutate into a sphere shaped nodule twice the size of a quarter, establishing the base. The single antenna would then continue to grow from within, protruding from the nodule upwards along the back of their head. Having segmented shingle-like rows of scales, larger near the base and progressively smaller toward the tip. When fully grown, the antenna would reach eight inches and about an inch thick, pulsating with life and having its own fused bio-chemical internal sensors. The specimen then would be ready to co-exist and communicate with Mars AI and to function alongside Mars IA, each one having been chosen specific to their genomal structure.

             ————*————                                                       ————*————                                               

As the new arrivals of the antennaed stepped down onto the descended ramp of the Excom Tridex, they viewed the progress of the Mars colonies, which had flourished after the great fallout on Earth. The cold air thrust system developed by the X-Team had revolutionized interplanetary space travel along with the orbital refueling stations, allowing the arrivals more efficient travel to the Mars colonies. New arrivals of the antennaed were essential to the inner structure of the antennanite colonies, enabling the survival of key societal roles such as bricklayers, farmers, blacksmiths, miners, architects, explorers, farriers, bakers, doctors, teachers and housewives, re-establishing what had been lost on Earth. The antennanites would then sync with artificial intelligence (AI), to engineer ongoing intelligent automation (IA), enabling tech-structures of antennanite colonies, declaring the Mars planet a stable and influential component of the solar system. 

There was a social ladder of sorts, with an under-core of chosen genomic phenotypes from Earth that were re-programmed and antennaed, some of which were assigned to the next level, the tech-colonies. Within these ranks would be several levels from laborers to teachers, and builders to architects. AI held within the master blueprint for IA advancement into a Mars future, 

linking man to machine, machine to AI, and future to the solar system. There needed to be an under-core to replicate Earth as it was before the great fallout, to begin again the development and restructure for a Mars future. 

The Mars antennanites had proved to be sustainable on their own, leaving the Moon to serve the daily traffic of galactic travelers after NASA’S “Moxie” experiment succeeded utilizing their Perseverance Rover ~ which had turned a sample of the red planet’s attenuated toxic atmosphere into oxygen ~ AI then replicated it to form the Mars atmosphere. The Mars tech-colonies then linked with IA to continue and stabilize the replication, ultimately culminating in a human bio-varium,  like a giant solar-bubble that would contain and preserve the Mars planet. Low-light adaptable bacteria was lab-harvested to generate cyanobacteria, creating a breathable atmosphere on Mars through photosynthesis . . . The Mars biosphere.  

The Moon, known as Area X ~ named after Earth’s former Area 51 ~  with its secretive elite-military maneuvers being done under the cloak of the Moon’s “night” and at over 200,000 miles away in the blackness of solar depths. The Moon’s “day” side however came to be a credible refueling area for interplanetary travelers, also providing equipment storage, salvage, and research testing. With Earth no longer inhabitable, the Moon had become the launching area for inter-galactic activity.

The antennanite colonies were designed and constructed through their own selection of viable human candidates who had within them a specific genomic structure that would provide essential links in replicating the human life form that once was on Earth. This under-core of civilization, having been antennaed and groomed for the AI interface, to communicate and  function within a Mars future. 

Through co-existence with AI, mankind did survive to some extent, and civilization succumbed to IA and a future bound within it.

A future on Mars . . .

End ~


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A Briefcase-Sized Box Is Already Making Oxygen on Mars

SPACE01 September 2022


Photo of a sunset on Mars taken by NASA rover Spirit in 2005Photo of a sunset on Mars taken by NASA rover Spirit in 2005. (NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell)

The Martian atmosphere, in its current state, is not Earthling-friendly at all. It’s extremely thin, over 100 times less dense than Earth’s, and is made up mostly of carbon dioxide. Any humans attempting to breathe it would soon find themselves not breathing at all.

But on that dusty, dry, alien world, a small instrument, a little bigger than a briefcase, has been reliably pumping out breathable oxygen from the Martian atmosphere.

It’s the first demonstration of the processing of in situ resources for human use on another planet – establishing a way that breathable air could be generated for a human mission to the red planet.

It’s called MOXIE ( Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Experiment) and, installed in the belly of NASA’s Perseverance rover, it uses a process called electrolysis to split the Martian carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and oxygen.

Between February 2021, when Perseverance landed, and the end of 2021, MOXIE produced oxygen seven times – and will continue to do so, the researchers said.


He awakened as he was walking . . .

Just coming out of a presumed sleep Lindar realized that he was walking along a deserted roadside that he had never been. It was very dark, the only light was from the brightest full moon he’d ever seen. He had no memory of where he had been or what had happened, he also had no conscious thought or plan as to where he was going. Just that he apparently had just awoke while walking. The back of his neck had a burning sensation, and when he raised his arm over his head to reach the area, he could feel a small round crusted mark the size of a quarter. Like an open wound that was still healing. Still he continued walking . . .

Lindar desperately needed to find someplace where he could examine himself and try to get a sense of where he was. He was wearing leather loafers with no socks, pinstripe dress slacks and a matching blazer, no shirt, belt, or underwear. As he continued to walk through the night alongside the roadside, he did notice a faint small light up ahead some distance away. It would be there that he hoped to find some answers.

Sometime later, as Lindar approached what appeared to be a dimly lit, single small building standing alone in the night, he noticed there were no cars parked outside. Finally making it to the entrance he saw this was a tavern of some sort, oddly left standing alone out in the countryside. Coming up the four steps to the doorway, he could see there were eight people inside and one bartender. They each were seated separately away from each other at different tables. Opening the door caused the small bell hanging from the ceiling to ring-a-ling, and the woman behind the bar looked up at him as he seated himself at the bar with no acknowledgement from any of the others.

Looking around at each of the eight that were seated, there were six men and two women, each sitting quietly staring with nothing having been served to them. The clothes they were wearing told of their former occupations,  bricklayer, farmer, blacksmith, farrier, baker, doctor, and of the two women, one teacher, the other a housewife. Lindar himself was a commodities broker. A few of them had the same burn mark at the base of their neck as Lindar had, while others had some sort of wound dressing applied. But there were two, the doctor and the teacher both had no dressing, but did have an extending finger-like growth about four inches long and reaching upwards. After taking all of this in, Lindar looked to the woman behind the bar and asked “where are we ?”  To which she smiled and asked if he would like his water now. As she turned around to the faucet, Lindar noticed she had the same growing appendage but was much longer at least eight inches extending upward almost past the top of her head.  She then stepped away to a dial-up telephone on the wall, picked up the receiver and held it to her ear. After a moment she simply said “they’re all here now”, and hung the phone up. Lindar was aghast, not sure if he was caught up in some alien dreamstate or if his own conscious reality had been compromised.

Again Lindar spoke to the woman behind the bar and asked “where am I ?”  To which she smiled and replied “Drink your water, it will help you. You will be home soon” . . .

         ——————–*——————–                            ——————–*——————–

Once again, Lindar found himself waking up from what appeared to be a desktop nap of sorts. Seated at his desk high above the city in a penthouse suite was where the office was for the newspaper he worked for. He had fallen asleep while going over his commodity reports, an interest of his outside of the newspaper, and was laying over the day’s top news headline story entitled  “Antennaed Infiltrate”.

Lindar then reached over his head to feel the back of his neck . . .

End ~


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“Blueprint For The Future”

It would be anybody’s guess as to where all of this is going . . .

The barrage of propaganda, targeted marketing, along with the buying and selling of contact information is as well fueled by willing participation, offering up metadata to be freely exposed, shared, and sold . . . Not to question all of this is due to complacency, convenience perhaps for some, but for most there are too many layers embedded together to justify the time or interest needed to secure their own privacy. Life in mainstream suburbia is being restructured for the future, as everyday technological breakthroughs are providing  blueprints for the next civilization as a new life changing digital horizon looms.

Never has there been a time when so much information has been gathered to freely generate a time-line of human activity, known as metadata . . . GPS coordinates, travel and spending habits, and the sharing of location details are just the outer layer of the many deeper levels that include projected choices and destinations based upon shared queries, along with estimated holdings and assets gathered from digital transactions. These are the components for targeted marketing, directly impacting what sells and what doesn’t, what is considered popular or trendy, and what is not. In effect, restructuring how we think, so that we no longer rely on our own thought process, which is another layer in the blueprint for AI involvement and interaction.

All of the daily digital activity is readily available, allowing a back-door entry to track every keystroke, query, document, and photo. Those who are researching this mass surveillance and exposing the threat to individual privacy have found no audience that will choose to heed over the embedded targeted marketing machine . . . Mainstream suburbia is aloof and unconcerned while staring at their 72” wall panel tv’s, filled with its own subliminal targeting and messaging, sights, sounds, and fake imagery to capture attention, and well, credit card accounts too, with the never ending info-mercials prompting ‘buy now’ or ‘call now’. All while attempting to keep a captive audience entertained as they continue to scroll and troll the internet and social media. It’s no wonder that like sheep, society will no longer need to think for themselves because they are prompted, targeted, marketed, and automated.

All part of a blueprint for the future . . .

With all this information, activity, and data readily available to share and sell to a market designed for consumer consumption, it would be anybody’s guess as to where all this is going, and the human involvement  within an automated AI future.

End ~


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