“Red River” ~ Twilight Into Obscurity ~

There was no way that anyone could ever know just when the end time would be upon them, but as the darkness of night fell, so it was that some of the chosen ones had already begun to notice the signs of the final twilight. The first was the absence of the stars against the dense pure black sky, void from any perception of depth or distance. They knew from this that there would be no dawn to follow in the morning . . . How could they know when morning would be anyway (?) They could not even see their hands in front of them, nor their neighbors standing next to them. The full moon that slowly emerged from within the darkness ~ normally reflecting brightly down upon them ~ was dimly red, casting a red hue over the lands. By then, the people had begun to gather, some holding oil lanterns that too had the red tones burning within the flames, creating a breathtaking scene of twilight ~ if only the scene evolving were a photograph or a painting ~ as the cadence of the death dancers echoed from within the hills, unveiling the reality of what had finally come to be . . . The people were aware, and as more gathered, some would carry makeshift torches made from whatever they could round up, adding to the intensity of the red glow. None tried to run ~ where would they go anyway (?) ~ they stood silently together, offering no resistance ~ how could they resist what they could not see (?) ~ Torches lit up from the hills to reveal the shadows of ritual rhythms, the end time had begun, there would be no tomorrow . . .

As the moon rose overhead, silhouettes across the landscape began to appear, reflecting the red river rising ~ rising ~ the death dancers cadence grew louder as they too had come out of the hills to gather in celebration, for it was their time. From as far as anyone could make out, more and more lanterns and torches in the distance glowed red under the blood moon, as the river ran over its banks and flowed over the lands. It wouldn’t be much longer before the red river would engulf the lands, taking with it everything or any being thereof . . . Although they remained in silence, holding their flames high, it was ceremonious and calm, the only sounds to be heard were the crackling of the torches and the sounds of flowing water drawing nearer to them. This is what they had waited for in preparation for the primal gathering in ceremony of their existence and deliverance, allowing themselves to be taken up within the rising red river, as each lantern and torch would then fade to black, and ultimately, into the abyss.

What would lie beyond would never be known, as another vanished state of being would join the other planets in the solar system, waiting for discovery by future time travelers and space dwellers.


Had there been other inhabitants elsewhere in the universe (?) Perhaps other civilizations (?) What was the time-table for their end time (?) Had their end been foretold (?)

Between science, fate, and faith, is where the elusive secrets to life, death, and eternity hold the footnotes to understanding not only why we are here, and where we are going, but to understand how we got here . . .

End ~

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“The Grand Plan”

It came to be after a viral mutation had been developed to resist treatment and any known vaccine, that the final stage would then be generated. The development of the XG Cell Towers had accomplished the effect needed before deploying the defining component of the grand plan. That being a black-out lockdown throughout the lands, allowing digital engagement only through the selected frequencies that had been assigned to each social order. Only those who were contracted through the ruling corporate elite were allowed to work in the bio-labs or metro transit system for food and medical credits toward bonus vouchers that would allow them better access to medical treatment and food allotments, shared only with their families. While others worked in food dispensary’s and care units as assistants to the AI robots. The frequency, or “X-Band” assigned to the social orders designated with whom you could communicate with, so as to keep everyone within their own social class, or band.

Society made the transition easily enough, due to the disconnect within from their own social discord already broken down going into the grand plan, their crumbling societal structure fell right onto the laps of the ruling corporate elite. They were shallow minded, unable to communicate, and their incessant fondness of material possessions allowed for successful targeted marketing, the X-Band assignments, corporate control of the internet, and ultimately, the new social order.

Society didn’t seem to mind at all, because they had direction, no longer had to think for themselves, and also no longer would they need to share critical thinking among themselves, the ruling corporate elite could do all of that for them. The signs had been there all along, the subliminal messages and visuals seamed into children’s cartoons, with scripted fake news and movie makers planting the very seeds of destruction and global dominance. All the while, society had already lost their identity and purpose, were socially disconnected, and not concerned about their future. Their blurred reality of human existence had become webbed into an internet world void of discretion, empathy, and hope. Society had been duped, deceived, and manipulated at the hands of the ruling corporate elite, they were easily led to the noose, bought and sold like commodities, segregated and gagged, giving away their identity and personal information with every credit card swipe, every social profile, and every keystroke.

The digital age had been laid over society like a warm comforting blanket, and would veil them in the shroud of a grand plan, the illusionary world of the internet, programming society, and the way they would interact among themselves. As with all marvels of change developed to engage the future, academia, and world affairs, the ruling corporate elite must intervene in order to break-in and break-up existing start-ups to prevent a monopoly from which they would have no control or monetary gain from.

The final chapter ends with the harmony of a failed society seized by the ruling corporate elite where power, money, and social order is what human existence is measured by. Where society is educated just enough not to understand or even concern themselves about a system for which they have no control over.

End ~

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“The XG Effect”

The programming had already been deployed among the people, and they hadn’t even noticed within themselves that anything had changed or been altered, so by allowing the system of being vaccinated to be successful. Society would then be able to conform onto the next level of social behavior and academia with the construction of the XG cell towers, learning capacity and brain cell development would be limitless, while social behavior would be restricted to AI engagement and digital interaction, thus being the ultimate leap into the new world horizon and beyond . . . The delinquents who fought to avoid the vaccine were then of their own colonies, capable of communication only among themselves, with limited learning capacity, seized brain cell activity, and reckless behavior.

The hyper frequency radiating from the XG, originally had been designed to host the AI systems, and was discovered that the human genome structure could be linked to the frequency after the vaccine interrupted the genetic profile with a mutation that could multiply brain cell function with hyper’bio’tech enhancement. Once injected with the substance, behavior patterns, thought and learning capabilities were dominated by the ongoing mutations, creating the sonic awareness that was the defining factor within the societal separation between the vaccinated and those who were not, and became known as “The XG Effect”.

Everything leading up to the XG installation had all been preparatory, to analyze genome data genetic profiles, then adding the mutations to complete the model, finalizing perfect specimens for an AI future within the XG spectrum. The military forces would also incorporate the XG Effect among their AI soldiers, restructuring them with attached weapons of mass destruction hardware. The effect could be witnessed throughout as the battle for world supremacy dominated the lands with global warfare. While it had taken years for the whole blueprint to mature into reality, society provided themselves as easy targets during the social media frenzy, giving up their privacy to the corporate elite with every keystroke, every file entry, and every query.

However, as with every grand plan there is a breach or weak link, such be the cause of a new world revolutionary, whose genome structure hid within itself a living organism of its own profile, altering the mutation into a sub-strain, hosting the XG Effect but also harvesting enough of the individual genetic profile to allow the human to maintain their conscious reality aside from the others who had been vaccinated. In other words, it was as if the mutations created a second individual within one human body, one that was not only conscious of the so called grand plan, but also had access to their newly formed hyper’bio’tech enhancement . . . A select grouping of genetic profiles and DNA framework that could blend and function with the vaccinated, but yet manage their own individual consciousness aside from that, without detection. They spoke in codes and gestures unknown to the rest, while forming their own revolutionary soldiers, having a place in their ranks for the delinquents who had escaped the vaccination and were cast out to form their own colonies. They were the subservients, and were looked after by the revolutionaries, living in deep crevices, caves and abandoned bunkers, they served as common labor for them.

This is where the uprising would begin, between the vaccinated and the revolutionaries, colliding into a battle like none other known before. Two beings, one man made through the deception of a cure all vaccine, the other a supreme mutation harvested from within the genetic profile and DNA of select human genomes. The grand plan would play out on a global platform as twilight of the new dawn would soon loom over them all.

The world and mankind would never again be the same . . .

End ~

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“New Social Order”

It was during the time that the plague was at its highest level, the quarantine wasn’t working, and a military presence to enforce the lock-down had been deployed from the executive command. Chaos erupted daily in protest, forcing duty actions by whatever means necessary to contain and maintain control in what had become literally a war zone. The need for survival had turned to desperation when news of the real agenda became known to the people, and had fueled the driving force among them, driving them mad, pushing them far beyond the limits of rationality and reason. Even though radio and television broadcasts had been shut down along with the internet, news of the next convoy loaded with the mysterious vaccine still leaked out, intensifying their demands for transparency as aggression among the people grew out of control . . .

No match for the aging ruling elite, who needed something over them that would re-gain social control and behavior management.

It was confirmed however, that there had been an intentional man-made mutation created in one of the bio-med labs that developed the vaccine, contaminating the substance with bio-gen brain cells, capable of dominating and mutating human brain cells, re-structuring thought, memory, and motor function. All of this was part of the governing elites time-table, during the construction of the 5G cell towers ~ which did in fact interrupt human brain activity and learning capacity ~ the tainted vaccines were developed to manage human conformity for the new frontier of academia and social management, needed to survive into the beyond.

Society had become ablaze with fury, confusion, and contempt for the ruling elite, herding people into quarantine and dividing them into newly titled social blocks after obtaining their genetic makeup from the early nose swab testing program. The swabs had contained micro-chips that penetrated the brain, enabling the tracking and study of their genome structure, which then provided the information needed to divide the people into social levels based upon their genetic profile, learning capabilities, brain cell capacity, and behavioral patterns . . . a new social order.

Receiving the vaccine injection would stabilize their lives and ensure survival, the trade off however would be the reprogramming of the people to function as a productive society within the 5G timeline, and ultimately, be designated commodities for the new social order . . . With the restructuring of the societal social ladder, targeted marketing could then be directed more specifically with a no-fail accuracy, and finally, the corporate profit margins would soar off the charts. As with every catastrophic event throughout the lands, the economic system must break, followed by a term rebound, in order to reset the monetary value for the corporate elite and to increase their profit margins.

One event in history that had documented an on going system of breaking the economy, was the “Great Depression” (1929), and had continued since then, but during present times, the use of digital-tech (with its rapid growth and advances) generated even greater influence on society. The plague, with the testing and micro-chip tracking, the simultaneous deployment of the 5G cell towers and the vaccine, being among the first examples, resulting with the behavioral model needed to establish a new social order.

In the end, the people were not be able to recognize that anything within them had changed, however they were profoundly different from the non-vaccinated. Their learning capacity and brain cell function were supreme, however their social behavior was limited by design ~ with restrictions in place to interrupt human interaction ~ the focus being on AI interaction and digital engagement. The distinction would would prove to be the defining difference between apocalyptic survival and certain death, between a decayed implosive world set to self-destruct, and its evolvement into the new world horizon . . .

The new social order . . .

End ~

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It’s coming, and when it does, there will be so much corporate power and political agenda involved, not to mention the targeted marketing and collection of personal data, that for those those who remain will be like cyborgs attached to the governing elite, having lost all of your individuality and self expression to mainstream propaganda . . .

So onward with your fake profiles and emoji lifestyles, replacing real human conversation and social interaction along with meaningful content and uncensored non-biased journalism . . .

Fake world lost in tiny bubbles within the magnificent universe . . .

kxsxwrtr ~