“Thoughts On Living”

Imagine this ~

Surrounding every living human is a non-visible, thin bubble like cellophane that encapsulates our life, our very existence. Beyond that bubble is our death. As we carry on about our daily lives within this bubble-like membrane, our death constantly awaits us all just on the other side. Though we cannot see or feel the membrane surrounding us, we constantly unknowingly touch it, brush against it, and challenge its very existence every breathing moment we continue to live. When the bubble wears too thin, or we tear or poke the thin non-visible membrane either intentionally or accidentally, we then physically die. Believing whether or not that our soul or spirit could survive and thrive in an after-world is an individual matter only to be realized after death, after we are rendered unconscious. Until then, none of us really knows for sure. Yet our human experience continues to be maintained in such a fragile existence that could end at any moment and without notice. Every waking moment we are embarking upon the unknown.  Whether or not we are even conscious of our own living and dying is another individual matter, whether or not to believe there might be a presence in an afterlife, or simply presume that whatever is, just is, without ever a question about what awaits us on the other side.

                              ~~~~~*~~~~~                                    ~~~~~*~~~~~

Knowledge is key, however it will not enable or prepare us enough to understand or to know what lies ahead of us upon our death, when our conscious existence ends and is no more. Enlightening our mind with a higher perspective can enable our mind and soul to reach another level of consciousness.  We still are no closer to knowing what awaits us, but we can at least come away with a better understanding of life itself, to clarify our magnificent existence, which perhaps will allow us a more meaningful life, and life with purpose.

We are living at the very fringe of life ~ or perhaps the very fringe of death ~ at every breathing moment.

End ~


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“Gateway To A New World And The Hollow Earth”

As the aircraft approached the highest point on the celestial sphere, flying over the magnetic pole of the north, the pilot and small crew then were at the zenith to the heavens, where the gateway to a new world awaited them. The pilot then gave the order for the crew to prepare for descent, and then eight minutes later they would exit the aircraft to parachute down the rest of the way . . .

                                ~~~~~*~~~~~                                       ~~~~~*~~~~~

The pilot knew that he had to fly past the magnetic rim eighteen hundred miles to the center of the magnetic pole of the north,  where the opening was located. From there he could maneuver the aircraft into an eight minute circular descent, and then the crew would exit from the aircraft eight hundred feet above the opening, finishing their descent via parachute down into the hollow earth, and the awaiting new world. The arctic pole was filled with ice stretching over thirty six hundred miles across. The last seasonal thaw had occurred eight years prior, the circular magnetic tow of the north pole had caused the waters to swirl round and round, and with the centrifugal force caused the waters to part in the center, creating an open circular downward spiral gateway to the hollow earth and onto an awaiting new world within. It would be down this frozen opening eighty feet across that the crew would be guiding their parachutes as the vacuum created by the air and temperature exchange would pull them quickly downward at eighty miles per hour another eight hundred feet where they would break through the atmospheric bubble of a skyline where the air would sweep up under them, gently lifting and slowing them down for a final eight hundred feet, landing on the soil of a new world. 

Up above the pilot would maintain a circular pattern around the rim of the frozen opening, awaiting the link-up cargo aircraft to re-fuel before being spotted or captured. Since radio and dial transmissions were inoperable due to the freezing climate filled with a magnetic radius reaching over thirty six hundred miles, the chances of that were not likely to occur. Starvation and crash landings due to lack of fuel were the two most common likely to happen without proper planning and navigation. 

The celestial sphere and the thirty six hundred miles that encompassed the magnetic pole of the north below ~ and the zenith to the heavens ~ had come to be discovered as a gateway to the hollow earth and a new world. The uninhabitable climate and its gateway located within, would be of great importance to the rest of the globe already in apocalyptic turmoil with wars raging on both foreign and domestic lands. 

It was only those who believed, and the free-thinkers who got away before it would have been too late, that had unified their resources ~ and their minds ~ to merge together as a new world population. To forge ahead and beyond to explore the outer limits of man’s known horizon ~ that survived the aftermath ~ and journeyed on to a gateway, and on to an awaiting new world encapsulated in its own atmospheric bubble, hidden deep within the hollow earth.



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“Departure” ~ Into The Beyond ~

From inside the old Victorian-era home, the view from a second floor window framed an empty field where the village once upon a time was astir with the shadows of the butcher, the baker, the farrier, and well, the undertaker. The home had always served as a respite for the wayward passing through the night. Scholars, visionaries, peddlers, and gypsies, all had been drawn to the village, all with their own insights and offerings for the villagers future well being, knowing too that the village had been chosen by a higher presence for passage into the beyond, and a new world.

Through that open window of the empty home revealed the pleasant scents of lilacs and assorted wild flowers mixed with the airiness of the bay, where the lighthouse once stood through the night, serving as a beacon for those travelers and traders. The events of that fateful night a hundred years ago had never been recorded in the history books ~ that magical portal of time ~ when the villagers walked away under a torch filled night onto the mighty and massive ship that had arrived just after midnight at eight minutes past, and appeared to be from somewhere beyond with its heavy wooden hull and metallic-like helm, with tattered sails of voyages across the seas from a time long ago, but with engines, rocket ports, cockpit bubbles, gunner sights, and signal lights like something from beyond their horizon. The villagers, aware they would never be returning, had gathered up to await the mystical vessel of time-passage as they were expecting its arrival. Many were holding fashioned torches made from oil soaked cloth wrapped around cut tree branches, while others held their babies and guided their children along, leaving all their belongings behind, as they formed lines to assemble onto the gangways, leading them to the companionways, and onto the various decks of the anachronistic vessel. It was a ceremonious departure, carried out in ritual silence, and with an internal rhythm shared by all.

As the futuristic yet archaic craft turned toward the horizon and began to disappear into the night, the glow from the makeshift torches faded into the calm of a blackened seafaring night,  into a time yet to be, never to return again. Into the greatest mysterious portal of time passage ever known to man ~ the highest point on the celestial sphere, at the zenith to the heavens ~ beyond the magnetic pole of the north, where the gateway to a new world awaited them.

The villagers had been chosen for a voyage into the beyond, to a new world due to their diversity ~ butcher, farmer, baker, mid-wives, farrier, seamstress, tailor, and undertaker ~ and their purity because they had lived  throughout the years in the same traditional ways that generations before them had been brought up and without the interruption of modern technology, the carnival antics of politics, and the targeted marketing and programming that the rest of the world had been indoctrinated with. The small village was located far away from the modern world in a enchanted place where time had stood still ~ undocumented in recorded history ~ away from the influences and dependencies that plagued and controlled those trapped in the illusion of modern civilization. In the new world, the villagers would once again be the very fabric of life, and a foundation for those lives yet to be.  

The village would eerily remain afterward, with the sounds of water occasionally lapping at the rocks where once stood the lighthouse. As the seasons would come and go, what had been left of the village deteriorated and fell into disrepair. The land underneath withered as the village crumbled, and would later be swept away with the tides, leaving but a few remnants scattered and buried, left to be discovered one day a hundred years later. 

End ~


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“We May Not Be Alone”

The presumed digital world that awaits the human presence in a matrix future is assumed to be the next vast horizon where man finally engages and co-habits with machine and together accomplish extraordinary leaps within the human presence, elevating the human presence into a new world that would include computer screens appearing in personal visual areas with the swipe or motion of a hand, implanted vox hardware engaging conversations using the blink of an eye, and viewing  personal identifiers such as individual medical history, finance, and criminal history, from the scanning of an implanted microchip at the wrist or temple area. A new world where interaction among beings is transferred exclusively through digital exchange, AI interface, or a series of vox sound clicks and pauses. Elevating even beyond that into an telepathic world where thoughts, ideas and commands could be exchanged through extra-sensory perception, then going beyond that then to holographic human transformation. A new world where the criminal element has been eliminated through selective genome restructuring, and rouge individuals who resist the implanted vox hardware and sensory microchips ~ rendering them useless and non-communicative ~ are sent underground to catacomb-like cells to wither and die.

Perhaps we have been all to caught up in the frenzy of movie-making, satirical spin-offs and books written of an apocalyptic future, the endless dialogue of alien presence and  beings flying around above us, surveilling us, and occasionally abducting one of us only to be returned after the anal probe . . . The crash sites and storage facilities that contain interplanetary vessels or the remnants and remains of interplanetary beings. Political avantours and officials urged to avoid even saying these words, suggesting that maybe the carnival of top secret information might just be an illusion as well, yet while armed guardsmen are patrolling what appears to be privately owned multi-acres of presumably empty land. Then there is the space-race, alive and well with renewed publicity and purpose ~ with so much interplanetary hardware floating around earth’s atmosphere ~ having been rejuvenated in recent years, taking on civilians, who by the way are not armed, certainly not trained for war, but out for the joy ride of the experience with presumably no threat placed upon their lives ~ and with large amounts of money to spend ~ to see earth from the from it’s atmospheric edge, where the gateway to interplanetary travel really begins.

What is known is that there are select remnants ~ evidence ~ of some kind of being or life that existed before earth evolved, and has also evolved as well, but in a much more advanced state and presence then that of earth . . . Well at least this is what has been disclosed and scientifically researched as well. We are left to believe whatever it is that fits into that compartment of our brain that allows a certain capacity for free thinking, also allows for the exchange of information from like-minded individuals, the ongoing exploration of why we are here, where we are going, and to understand how we got here. 

We may not be alone . . .

End ~


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“Living In The Illusion”

Through the barrage of propaganda driven news bites, viral sensationalism, subliminal messaging laced within corporate commercial broadcasting, and a political arena that has lost not only its direction, but has lost its integrity as well . . . Lost in this polluted stream is a wandering population that seems unaware of its lost sense of reality, but yet can not or will not offer resistance to a corruption-fueled system, while seemingly floating in an assumed state of illusion, and void of individuality and critical thinking.

It is living in the illusion that has veiled the human presence, cloaking meaningful gestures and emotions, human interaction and critical thinking. Every part that makes better human beings, willfully stripped away, leaving only the holographic illusion of what is accepted to be a reality.

Enter the free thinkers . . . Those individuals who have not stepped in too deep into a programmed corporate political system that sabotages free will, individuality, and critical thinking. They (we) have made the choice to be free in this way, breaking from the accepted norms to be our own individuals, unswayed by a divided and confused population that has succumbed to rage and extremism from the viral sensationalism that seems to arouse their lost sense of reality.

Without perspective, individuality, and critical thinking, living in the illusion would be easy enough to blissfully carry on for those lost souls. However there are those of us who willfully challenge, question, and investigate the corporate propaganda, lack of political integrity, and an agenda that remains cloaked in secrecy and hazed in confusion. 

We have and always will continue to seek truth, transparency, and integrity . . . Separating from the mainstream, who are collectively herded along together, ‘dumb-down’ in their suburbia, tracked, marketed, and subliminally branded, their lifestyle information bought and sold like commodities.

Unable to see beyond ‘living in the illusion’ . . .

End ~


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